Monday, February 12, 2007

Pilgrim David Needs Our Prayers

This is a picture of a happy man!
Happy, because he is born again and a true man of God.
Happy because he loves sports and was for many years a chaplain for many professional athletes.
He has witnessed to everyone of these athletes who he has come in contact with, the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I received an email from David Fisher today which asked me to tell the "Fisher Connection" to pray for him, as he has been very ill for the last few days.
I would also like to ask the "Sandy Connection", the "Jessica Connection", the "Curious Servant Connection", shucks!!!..Just the "WHOLE CHRISTIAN Connection" and "Fellow Pilgrims Connection" of us ALL to pray for this man who is such an encouragement to so many of us!
He is the David of the "barnabasblog"!

Sadly, David might have to cancel a trip to Florida that he was planning, but sadder still is that a dream that he has had for over fifty years to go to Bristow, England will be shattered.
He has longed to go to see the orphanage buildings that his hero, George Muller had created for the poor homeless boys and girls in England.
You can read all about this in David's excellent "George Muller" blog.

As many of you know, I am very computer illiterate and do not know how to copy and paste, so what I am going to do is write out David's own posting of this dream that, Lord willing, is in his future.
In fact it is February 27 that he has booked the plane for.

I must first tell you that just last year David was diagnosed with "sleep apnea".
This is a picture of him wearing the "equipment" that he has to put on in the evening and during his sleeping hours.
This is a picture of a STILL happy man!

Now, David Fisher of pilgrimscribblings in his own words;

Saturday, February 03,2007

The Ticket Is Paid For

Well friends,I did it! I bought my ticket for London, England, and will fly February 27th, Lord willing, to Gatwick airport to begin 8-9 days of reliving history.

I've dreamed of this day for over 50 years and now it's coming to pass!

One of the highlights will be a trip from London to Olney to see the Cowper/Newton Museum.
Of course John Newton wrote the famed hymn, Amazing Grace and William Cowper[pronounced "Cooper"] wrote "There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood", which is my top ten of all time favorite hymns.

Thanks for your prayers as I plan this trip. I'll be blogging throughout my travels to keep you up to date on what I'm experiencing. Hopefully you'll vicariously take the trip with me.

Stay posted!

posted by David Warren Fisher @7:54PM

Oh... just to write this out and NOT just to read it, how I feel David's longing!!

Please pray everyone!!..........................Love Terry


Saija said...

thanks for letting us all know ...

he is such a good hearted man - with a heart for God ...

jel said...

will be praying!

thanks Terry, for the heads up!
what is wrong with our David?


Jim said...

Thanks, Terry. I am praying for David to be well soon and for sure well enough to go on his much anticipated trip to England.

Paul said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for blogging by and letting me know. I will be praying for David, for a speedy recovery so he can gon on this trip.


Writing for the King,


Vicki said...

I will definitely keep David covered in prayers. Thanks so much for posting about this. May God bless him and enable him on the road to recovery.


Jammie J. said...

oh, so sad. i'll keep him in my prayers. it would be devastating for him not to be able to go. :(

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh wow, you really can feel the depth in his dream! Prayers on thier way, prayers that all will unfold as they should and that he will be comforted throughout...

Blessed Week : ) Wendy

Diane said...

Praying! Thanks for letting us know. We will pray for his health--and ask God to keep the doors open and make that dream come true!!!!!