Saturday, February 17, 2007

Midnight Visitors!

Oh dear!
I have to work tomorrow and was all set to go to bed when three visitors arrived at my house.
Snoopy and Riley, sons of Goldwings were knocking loudly at the door and when I went to let them in, right behind them walked Adi, Jimmie's adopted grandaughter.
As you can see Adi came dressed for the cold Canadian winter.
But alas!
Those two "bestest friends" kitties DID NOT!!
Not to worry though!
In their suitcase I found a warm sunrise that their mama had wrapped in a warm blue blanket and sent along with them.
So I put them right into it where immediately they were warmed and feeling quite at home!
I really don't know how long they will able to stay.
Mr. Bernie and me are being overrun by cats!
We have to entertain them and feed them and do all of their laundry!
And not to mention, there is now a doggie in the midst!

Shopping News has a nose that is ALL of joint!!

Amber is waiting to go back to her mother, Karen and misses her grandpa Jimmie sorely.
Maybe that Adi will escort her back with her two new friends Snoopy and Riley.

Well they have all had their warm milk and a cat treat.
Yes! Adi had to have a cat treat too because we are just not equipped for dogs but she didn't seem to mind!

And so it is off to bed with us all.........Good night Snoopy! Good night Riley!
Good night Adi! Good night Jimmie and Karen! Good night Goldwings!
And if there is a "John" out there too...'Good Night John Boy!!

And GOOD NIGHT ALL.............................................


Jim said...

Hi Terry -- Thanks for letting Adi in out of the cold. You have quite a house full!

Those are really done up nicely/good. I'll tell Karen that Amber is safe too before I go back to bed.
Thanks lots.

Karen said...

Hi Terry, I just love your pictures. Thank you so much for keeping Adi & Amber warm! It was great of Riley & Snoopy to rescue them and maybe send them back home?! I can assure you, you won't Amber around for long. She wakes up at 5 AM (yes, even on the weekends)demanding her fancy feast! Other than that, I am sure she is enjoying Riley, Snoopy and Adi's warmth during the cold!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest picture! A dog in the midst of all those cats ... must be a little fur flying once in a while,no??
At least you will stay very warm with all the critters :) Today is cloudy again, but not too cold. I'll have to daydream about yesterday's beautiful sunshine!
Mrs. Mac

Susie said...

You've had plenty of cats visiting lately and now a dog too. Your house is just made for entertaining the furry set!

eija said...

Hmm... that doggie must've had a blast with all the kitties :D

Jammie J said...

What ever shall you do about all that fur! :)

Jammie J said...

Just swinging by to give you love and hugs, dear one. xoxo

jel said...

hey Terry!

I keep senting you e-mails and I'm getting them back, did ya put me on the no call list ?


jel said...

what wrong with ya e-mail
I keep getting them back!

did ya lock me out ?


jel said...

sorry for the 2 post, thought the first got lost!

Goldwings said...

I'm glad my "boys" are safe & sound. They sure look comfortable!

Thanks for inviting them by.

Noel Lewis said...

Hi Terry.
Just letting you know I'm thinking about you...Noel

jel said...

hey, terry, got your e-mail last night , but i still cant sent you any!

take care

donna said...

Dropping by to say hello

Pilot Mom said...

What a riot! It sounds like lots of fun! :)

Blessings to you dear Friend. Thanks for dropping in on me and checking up. :)

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, how are you? I see you are surrounded by your cute pets. Our daughter has 2 dogs but I'm not really comfortable around dogs. Cats I like much better..although Mom did have a cat that nipped people. I'm just back from a visit south and we had such a great time. I enjoyed everything too. Shopping together. Meals together. Its nice to be back home though too and I'm trying to visit my blogging friends this afternoon. So picture me at the front door, wanting to come in and have a cup of tea with

Jammie J said...

I bring more hugs your way today. :)

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Hi Terry,

Just fluttering by to say hello. I replied your email but not sure if u received it.

*hugs* ;D

Mrs. Mac said...

Where is your loyalty?

jel said...

hey sweet terry!

wish you could get your e-mail working :(

have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are you Terry?!?


jel said...

Hey Sweeet Terry, where is ya?
missing ya sunshine!!!!!!!!

praying all is well!


Terry said...

Never mind Jel....YOU are the sunshine in Blog land and everyone pretty well knows it!!
I am going to phone my server tomorrow and see why yours and Donna's emails aren't making it through!!

Jim I will be sending Amber home soon. I can't take these early mornings anymore!! Why isn't she nice and quiet like her sister, Adi???
Karen, she can have "puss and boots" like the fancy feast here!!

Goldwings those brothers are so good!! Well mannered and don't turn their nose up to the Canadian vittles we are feeding them!!

And everybody else , Adi will be returning and dropping off all of our visitors sometime this week!!.....Love Terry