Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

I found this "peeping Tom" on my good friend, Sioux's blog this morning and thought I would put him to work wishing everyone of you a "Happy Valentines Day!"

As you can see there is a tiny picture of Bernie's cat, "Shopping News" at the very top and if Bernie complains that it is too small,or not properly centered, I will just tell him that he and his spoiled little buddy will just have to create their own blog site!

This graceful kitty sitting quietly on the table and gazing out of the window is Saija and Leo's shy cat, "Fearless Feline".

Valentines Day?
Well this kitty can take it or leave it but it is quite obvious here that this darling cat prefers CHRISTMAS and is already waiting and watching for its return!

Now these cats, belonging to Amanda[amandasplanet]are not one bit interested in Valentines Day..
They are fierce hunters and have a real desire to go rabbit hunting and that is exactly why I put them into a frame.
I am kind of partial to bunnies...LIVING ones!
Oh yes they do have cute names alright..."Stray", "Skat" and "Junior".

Sad indeed is the sight of these two!
Sandy's son, "Simon" and Simon's new sister, "Annie"[with an "e"] prefer to watch re-runs of the Super Bowl,and dine on kitty snacks rather then celebrating sweethearts day!
Hmm... Don't they just remind you of an old married couple?!


This pretty little red-head likes Christmas too but she is all for Valentines Day and has chosen a nice red blanket to lie on.
She is Jimmie's granddaughter and sister to Adi.
Her mother's name is Karen.
She is a little tired because of having to fly in the snow storms that Mrs. Mac had put in a BIG order for.
By the time she reached the Canadian border she was one frozen kitty!!

Now this handsome cat is "Jake".
He lives with Turtle and they both belong to the Sioux family.
His nose has been out of joint ever since that Turtle came into the family!

Valentines? Ha!!
None of that for him!

Well Mr. Jake, maybe if you gave your mom and dad a nice card then you might just be in the inner circle again!
No sense in sulking all by yourself in the field, where even the mice won't have anything to do with you!

Now we have already met "Jack", Lauren-mary's own little valentine.
He is a mild mannered cat when his mother is around and behaves, himself quite well but when Lauren-mary took a long awaited trip to Ottawa this Christmas , the babysitter had one tremendous job of keeping him from climbing the Christmas tree!!

Now this is quite a number of cats, so I thought that I would get Jeanette and Tony to look after this wild bunch.
Otherwise, no telling what mischief these cats would be getting into!

Here they are with their own little family of kitties...
Now I do hope I get all of the names correctly.
Left to right;
"Bug", Jeanette, "Snug", "Ripper", Tony, "Slasher" and "Tug".

Have a happy rest of the Valentines Day everybody........Love Bernie and Terry and "Shopper" xoxoxo

[In memory of "Blue" and "Lucy"]


Susie said...

Cute kitty post!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saija said...

the world would be a lonely place without cats!

Happy Valentine's day, you sweet lady! this was a lovely post!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What a great kitty post, Terry!! Thanks for using 3 of our kitties!! We still miss Lucy!! Annie is getting along pretty well and Simon is allowing her we think!!! smile!! Life without cats!! Not a happening!! Sandy

HOPE you had a great valentines day!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

If I read on one more blog that you think I "prayed" for all the snow in the east, I just might have to hop on a flight up to Ontario and dig you out of your snow drift :) I only said "I LIKE WINTER" There must be someone else that has been praying for all that snow; I prayed for just a bit OK?? Better be praying that it doesn't all melt at once, YIKES! Lovely cat pics ... but how on earth do you keep all the names straight??? That's what I love about you! ))hugs((

Lauren-Mary said...

Hi Terry- Happy Valentine's Day to you, Bernie and Shopping News! I just finished writing a post about how Jack is my Valentine, and I had to laugh when I saw we both were thinking the same thing. Jack looks so adorable in that picture of him, although I will admit to having a small bias! Of course, all the other cats in the pictures are cute too. Aren't we all lucky to have so many great companions?!

Noel Lewis said...

Amen to that Lauren!
Happy Valentine's Day Terry...
From Noel, Nick, & Jessica

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting pics of my kitties. They are all adorable!! Stray, we have discovered is actually a she....after catching her "moonlighting" with some local tomcats recently. hehehe - I think she is now pregnant!!

Happy Valentines Day!! Hugs,

Jammie J. said...

Awww, Happy Valentine's Day. :)

Tug and Bug are easily confused, they have similar coloring -- but actually, Tug was Snug's first friend and that's who I'm holding. :)

Amber said...

Hey Terry!

If you only knew HOW much I wanted a kitty-cat! *sniffle* but thanks for posting all these cute kitty's! MY son and I loved looking at them!
(my hubby hates cat's!)

Rachel said...

um, something tells me that you are a cat lover!? and people think that I'm a blonde at heart....little do they know how bright I am!!!
Love you

Goldwings said...

What a beautiful tribute to felines. Two of those very special creatures have claimed me as their owner....I am honoured.

As for them, well - they are both spoiled rotten!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day, one day late!!! You've got some really cute kitties on this post!


An Ordinary Christian said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my blog, and for a window into your world!

Karen, Amber's Mommy said...

I just love your kitty pictures! I was in Calgary a week and a half ago and I assure you, Amber definitely would not have liked all of the cold and snow (high of -11c)!