Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sorry Noel Lewis...No Snow...Just Ice!

Yesterday Welland was a sort of winter wonderland.
Noel Lewis, one of my good blog friends wanted me to ship him some snow down to Texas, but unfortunately before I read his request, rain had moved in and taken all of the white stuff away, replacing it with clear silver ice!

Welland and most of Southern Ontario is now an ICY wonderland!

The little red car hasn't seen an ice storm for two years and he wonders what has happened overnight!

The little birds are not pleased at all with their bird feeder ice rink even though it is decorated with a fancy frozen lace around the edge..
At least I don't THINK they are happy.
I never spotted a one of them taking an after dinner skate!

The hanging tree branches are laden with a heavy layer of the frozen rain drops.

This white birch branch is living up to its Canadian Song name..."Land of the Silver Birch", but it really looks like it will be shortly laying on the sidewalk beside its' fallen companion.

Even though it is freezing, the picture of this tree leaning toward our house seeking for a little warmth is almost pretty.

Frozen tree!
Frozen lawn!!
Frozen bird feeder!!!
Frozen bird bath!!!!
What is a person to do?
Well... I will just have to order a large bucket of sunshine from my friend, Jel and use it to melt all of this...If only I could FIND her!

The tree next door to us is, if you can believe it a lilac tree!
I am afraid that with the warm weather we have been getting that harm will come to the tender buds that have already appeared on it's bush and we will not have the sweet fragrance of the purple flowers this year.

By the end of the day as we traveled down Niagara Street, I snapped this picture.
It seems that this little Southern Ontario town will be locked into ice and will be like one giant refrigerator for at least another day.

.... And then I suppose, the snow will come!


dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Your snow pictures are lovely, Terry. Just sorry you have to experience the cold.

It's been raining here most evenings and gloomy during the day. :(

*sends a pocketful of sunshine* Can't offer much. Sun refuses to come out.

donna said...

We experienced the ice too, although the roads stayed mostly clear...but I didnt get as many beautiful pictures as you did (and I do think they are beautiful in a cool sort of way!!) I love winter and snow and the crunching beneath my feet...

Have a blessed day

Anonymous said...

Oo, it looks cold, Terry! That last picture is just TOO neat though. Wow! It looks like your new little camera is doing just fine!

We're not having any snow OR ice, just rain, although they say that the weather is going to keep dropping I think, so we may end up with some of both!!


SiouxSue said...

Once again, can you believe you and we here in Texas have the same weather! We have had ice since Saturday...no snow...just ice on trees, power lines, bird bathes, etc. We "may" have snow tomorrow, but you are right, the weather is just too odd!!

I do love your photos...especially the one of the moon with the ice.

Mrs. Mac said...

The ice is beautiful, but it can do so much damage to the trees and power lines, let alone people and cars about their business. Hopefully it will thaw a bit before you get any snow. Guess we'll have to postpone the snowball fight once again. My snow is snow is so powdery that it won't take shape. The pictures are lovely.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This is something that I never miss unless I can stay at home and just LOOK at it!! We had 81 degrees here in Savannah yesterday and I would send you some sunshine then but unfortunately none of that today!! Take care and stay warm. Sandy

SiouxSue said...

Terry, thanks so much for the prayers. Prayer is what's getting we through this. BP is down a little, not much, but it takes several days the dr. says for it to kick in.

Blessings, my friend.

Noel Lewis said...

Wow, beautiful pictures. We have enough ice here. We don't get iced over much and people are driving off the roads like crazy. Please drive safely.

dRaGoNfLy WiNgS said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for brightening up my day with your daily comments on my blog.

I'm going to the post office this weekend to send you something. Wanted to give it to you for Christmas.. but being the procrastinator that i am.... :D

It's not sunshine.. but hopefully, just as good. ;)

Have a blessed week, dear friend!! *big hugs*

Susan Adams said...

Miss Terry,
Do you have to wear longhandles to keep warm? Pictures are great, but I just can't imagine hanging out my clothes on the line to dry. We have had a cold spell here in Tennessee, but no ICE yet.
With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adsms

Jessica said...

Terry, you're just not going to believe this. I have been checking your blog faithfully and it has been showing that same old post everytime from January 3. So I thought maybe I should refresh it to see if it was messing up and low and behold! I've missed the last five posts! I'm BEHIND! I absolutely LOVE the picture of the birdbath! You'll have to email it to me if you have a minute sometime! I just think it's BEAUTIFUL! Well, I'm on to check out the other posts I've been missing out on! Love from Jessica and Ty

turtlepearl said...

Hey - it's me! :) What beautiful pictures!! We have had no snow at all this year - just rain, rain & more rain! The ice is really pretty - but feel free to keep it all up there in Canada - I HATE driving on ICE!! Have a good day! Hugs.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh I love that last picture! It is sunny and cold here today. I love the sunshine..it lifts my spirits something wonderful.

curious servant said...

We have snow!

That last picture is sure cool! Moon through iced branched.

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

HI Terry

You don't need to ship snow down to Texas. They are getting it today. It's snowing there right now. The ice pictures are beautiful. It shows the handiwork of God. The trees look like they are covered in diamonds when the sun shines on them. It's beautiful. It makes me think of the contrast, man's artificial beauty eg. lights on Broadway or Vegas and God's lights, the master of artists. Real simplicity, just frozen water. It's amazing.

Love Grace

Jim said...

Hi Terry -- Your car looks about as sad as my Mustang doesn't it?
Those are really nice pictures, so pretty. I took a couple of ice pictures here too, we didn't have as much as you did.
Thanks for the nice words about Adi. Yes, she is a sweet doggie. We've had her with us almost ten years, she really is daughter Karen's.
I'm putting you back in my links unless Blogger craters again tonight. Thanks for having me on yours.

Jammie J. said...

Oh my goodness, those pictures are just beautiful. And I love your new profile picture, too. :)

Saija said...

you really captured the icy moments!!! and i loved your referral to that old song "land of the silver birch" ... i started singing it right away! :o)

susanwalkergirl said...

Once again Miss Terry...your pictures are incredible. My favorite is the last one on Niagara Steet. When I gaze at it...all sorts of ideas or stories behind the picture come to mind. Another sign of a great picture for me is when I can picture myself stepping into the scene.

Most excellent! Susan