Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh Where Oh Where Has That Little Jel Gone?

I spotted this little dog named, Adi on Jim's blog......NOT so hard to do!
That jimmiehov's blog is just full of this little celebrity!

Anyways, she looked so sad and lonely that I thought it might be a help if I put her on one of our good friend's pictures.

This verse, in particular is Jel's favorite!
This picture, in particular is Jel's.
This dog, in particular is Jim's dog.
I, in particular am a person with light fingers!

I just snuck down to Jel's site and lifted her photo right out!
Then I went to Jim's blog and lifted Adi right out!

I have put them all together and NOW I am right out

I mean I am right out of here because I am on my way to work!!!

PS..Now most of my favorite links KNOW Jel...She is just everybody's ray of sunshine and we haven't heard tell where she is lately!

Have a nice day everybody!!!.......Love Terry


SiouxSue said...

Hi, Terry. Hope you have a bright day (in spirit if not in truth) as I guess you still have snow...we do.

Thanks for all the love and care! I love the card you that verse, as well.


David Warren Fisher said...


It's always good to check out your blog and to hear from you. We're off to Niagara Falls, NY on Friday to see my nephew Bud play for Quinnipiac University against Niagara University. We'll be close to Welland again. Yell at me.

Lots of love in Christ,


Jammie J. said...

Hi Terry, what a sweet post. Made me smile. :)

I'm getting through it over here, got the sniffles and coughs now. Took a long bubble bath tonight with rose scented bubbles. And read a book. I'm making a cup of herbal tea now, it's a good, chilly, windy night for it.


Anonymous said...

Hope your day is as beautiful as you!
Love from Mrs. Mac ... and Nathan (of course :)

donna said...

There is a comment at Jel's that explains why she is not posting. Have a blessed weekend and thanks for yuor kind visits...

Terry said...

Thanks so much Donna!...Sorry I haven't seen you for a few days but hopefully I will write tonight, I am on my way to work again...Love Terry

Hi Mrs. Mac and Little Gift! better make yourself a good pot of chicken soup!!

And Sioux, you just tell that Kitty on your blog site that he isn't going to get ANYBODY!! I just might swipe him like I swiped Jim's dog and and put him on a Canadian blog site!!

Pilgrim David...You have "saved the best until the last"! Thanks so much for the sunrise!!........

Take care ....Love Terry

Jim said...

Thanks, Terry, for that Adi card. She is a mess. Mrs. Jim likes that verse very much, it is almost her favorite. I think it was at one time.
I didn't know what you meant by your comment by 'finding Jel' until now. I'm way behind on my blogging.
Thanks again. :)