Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nathan's Ontario Sunrise

This picture of a beautiful Ontario sunrise was created by David Fisher's son Nathan[pilgrimscribblings].

Now, I have been after that David for a few months to send me an Ontario sunrise but I do believe that he has been waiting for the best!

What photographed sunrise could compare to this young artists painting?
What better than seen through the eyes of a child?

Thank you so much for this painting Nathan Fisher!
The water is so blue!!
My favorite color!
It makes me think of Heaven!

When the day comes that we meet you in person, I surely do hope that you will give me your autograph!

I will start out this Saturday morning as I go to work with this "sunrise" verse from the Bible..

Psalm 5:3....."My voice thou shalt hear in the morning,O Lord; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up."


Mrs. Mac said...

what a nice way to spotlight a young up and coming artist. I saw this over at David's site too. We have a foot of snow up at the new home ... and about six inches at the home I'm currently renting. I'll post pictures soon.
Did you get enough for a snowball yet?

Terry said...

Yes Mrs. Mac....That little guy is quite an artist.
I just got back from work and had to correct a couple of things.
I put sunset in instead of sunrise!!
In the title at that!!
I think I was half asleep still this morning when I made the post.....Love Terry

I am glad I noticed the mistake before that David Fisher did. He wrote me once when I made a grave spelling error!!

Saija said...

well that is sweet sweet sweet! i hope David shows it to Nathan! :o)

and i'm looking forward to seeing Mrs Mac's snow pics ... though i want to stay out of the way of any snowballs!

jel said...

that is a very cool painting! :)

hi Sweet Terry,
thanks for the nice post, just got the power back on, if it is still on in the morning will post somthing!

Jim said...

That is a nice sunrise picture. Little artists have fun. Our GC#4 likes to draw also.
Thanks, too, for that Adi card. Adi is a mess.
Could I borrow your card some Sunday morning for my blog? Mrs. Jim likes that verse very much, it is almost her favorite. I think it was at one time.
I didn't know what you meant by your comment by 'finding Jel' until now. I'm way behind on my blogging.
Thanks again. :)

Jammie J. said...

So very lovely. :)

Jim said...

Thanks, Terry, for your offer. I'm grabbing Adi's picture-card right now.
The furtherest north Adi has ever been is Nebraska and Iowa.
east has been Tennessee, and Colorado in the west.
We live in the south, but she has been all the way down to Corpus Christi, Texas

SiouxSue said...

Well, Isn't Nathan talented. Good for him. Hope you had a blessed weekend.

Love ya!!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh, I love this uplifting it is! And, I think we are going to get a new battery charger. That will take care of our problem! I'm off to get my cello out and my daughter just called. They are selling thier house and will rent untill they build. The house sold! Hurray..though I know they will miss it for a while. These winter evenings make me lazy..not enough exercise I think and do I ever need it....=).

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks Terry for stopping by my Monday Memories today!! My hubby and I are so happy to be celebrating such a long and happy marriage this week. It seems like we just got married. Thanks for the kind words too. I appreciate them a lot. Sandy

eija said...

Hi Terry! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was so nice to "meet" you! I had a couple of photos in my camera waiting for to be posted - and then there you were, asking for sunRISEs :D Anyway, they're up now!

Susie said...

Hi Terry,
I saw your comment on Sioux's site and thought I would say "hello"
We are close to the same age. I'll be back to visit you again. Stop in and say hi anytime. I love new visitors!!

curious servant said...

That is sweet.

Thank you for dropping by and leaving the kind words.

I managed a new post today despite the headach which is much improved.

God bless.

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry,

Always good to hear from you. Can't wait to see the pictures of your sister's new baby. You sound ever so busy days...but I always look forward to your new posting. Be it words or pictures.

While you are busy...I hope you are well. See you stopping by your favorite bloggers...and always leaving encouraging comments. You are up to your usual kindred work my friend.

Be well my kindred friend. Now do promise me that if ever you and Bernie are here in southern will pay a visit to my church Kindred Community Church.

My love to one of my favorite Canadian friends...Miss Teresa.