Monday, September 18, 2006

A Visit From Our American Family

A week ago my brother, Ted and his American wife, Lois and my Ameri-Canadian niece, Virginia, visited us from Iowa.

We see them twice a year.

I must say that Teddy has grown up to be a pretty decent fellow, although Betty and I had often had serious doubts that this would EVER happen. He was a terror in his childhood and so as a matter of fact, was I, but good ever forgiving Betty forgave our past and now I think that Teddy is almost her favorite!

Whenever they come down I love to treat them to the Mandarin Chinese Restaraunt.

So we packed up mom and Betty's daugther,Amy and Teddy's son, Jeff, and Jeff's girfriend,Ivy and headed to the restaurant..three car loads of us!

Here are some of the pictures that I took.

The frst picture was a little bit of a disappointment because we forgot to count heads and there was one head missing..the life of the party, himself, Edward Ralph Golden!

In the second picture is sitting Amy, Betty's daughter with her ever present book in hand.
She NEVER leaves home without it!

And do miracles ever cease?
There is the Hat Lady, herself sitting with a smile on her face, hatless!!
COMPLETLY hatless!!!!

The next picture is our beautiful sister Betty.
Her picture tells you everything.
My words aren't sufficient.
She is the oldest child and the heart of our family and sometimes the glue that holds us all together.

This next picture, I fired over to "Picture It" because this is my American sister-in-law, Lois and I wanted to surround the two of us with Canadian flags!!

Ginny, my Ameri-Canadian niece sits in this picture with my nephew,Jeff, Teddy's son and beside Jeff, is his pretty little girfriend, Ivy.
Jeff loves her and I must say that our whole family does too.
She is our little treasure.

In this next photo, it looks like Teddy is thinking of a way to defect to his beloved Canada!! Not a chance old boy!!
Lois has her eyes on you!

And last but certainly NOT least, lo and behold there sits Edward R, himself in the picture with the rest of the gang.

Betty taught me a real neat trick of how I could clone him into the picture!

A smart observer would see exactly what has been done here;
I just pulled Teddy out of the previous picture, sized him down a bit and put him into this last picture.

Sizing him down though, was a real task.
He had eaten about four large plates full of Chinese dinner and about two small plates of dessert!


Anonymous said...

What nice pictures, Terry! I'm glad you shared! I think my favorite is the one of you and your sister-in-law!

(And that was soo funny about you having a hard time shrinking Teddy down! :))


Maggie Ann said...

Its wonderful that you have such a large and loving family. I think you are the most loving of them all! ~~~When you left me a comment on my blog you mentioned me having a lot of must have been thinking of someone else..thankfully I rarely have a pain anywhere...whew! I hope it stays that way

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Good for had time with your family also...I know you come from a big one!! WOW!! It is only my brother and myself but that is fine. Looks like all went well. Good...We are back home now. Had a good visit but always good to be home again

Mrs. Mac said...

What a nice looking family. It's so nice when everyone can get together to enjoy a meal, fellowship, and good conversation. I hope you are feeling much better after reading about your fall at the fair.

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate a bit more about exactly how you were a little terror growing up? I just can't imagine it! We had one in our family, too. His name was Terry (not his real name but he re-named himself after his best friend and we still call him 'Terry').