Friday, September 22, 2006

To Susan With Love.... A Canadian Autumn

This Wednesday morning, I took these autumn pictures for my good blogging friend, Susan.
We have become kindred spirits.
Now, Susan loves fall scenes and where she lives there are just not any to be had!!
So these pictures are especially for her!
Unfortunately,we are still about ninety per cent green, here in Ontario, but I DID manage to find a few good scenes for her!
My very favorite picture is the top one.
Last year on the palace grounds, three trees had to be cut down.
This little tree grew from the living roots of the larger tree and it made me so happy.
This year the young tree even has a few autumn leaves of its own to show off and down by the trunk God has even planted a lovely bouquet of wild flowers and placed them carefully upon a soft green mound of tiny leaves, to keep the little tree company.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This is more color than we will get here too. Georgia does not get much color that is here in the South East part. Up in the northern part I am told it will get colorful. I guess I do miss that from when I lived in Illinois. It is so much cooler there and the leaves turn and fall. Not so here of course. Beautiful pictures!!

Amber said...

Hello Terry...
Sorry I haven't posted to your comment in a few days. Have been super busy! But yes her little toes are still pink!! I posted some more pictures on ther today, and I just love the ones you take..they are so beautiful! Have a great day! Love, Amber

Jessica said...

Hi Terry! I love those little white flowers and the red berries picture. It's my favorite!!! :) Jessica

susanwalkergirl said...

Miss Terry,

I have a hard time picking out which one is my favorite. As I scroll down...I think by golly this one is my this one is. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing from your wealth of God's beauty.

I especially love the one that looks out over the water...and the one below that with the color changes just starting. But I also love the view looking up at the tree tops with the chimney in view. Wonderful...positively wonderful.

Thank you so much for the treat.

So as one rather ignorant to Canada...where you live what are the temps this time of year? When does it get really cold? When do the trees loose their leaves? How cold does it get in the winter?

Much thanks for this lovely post dedicated to this California girl.

With love to a fellow kindred spirit in Canada. Susan

PS...I recently ordered 4 CD's by Greater Vision. They are so good. I'm seriously thinking about taking Charles Stanley's Alaska cruise next part so I can see them in person.

Maggie Ann said...

Terry, your pictures are like a breath of fresh air. Just so refreshing and like I'm standing there with you! Hope you are having a good week and finding lots of pleasures in it!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Terry, Wow, the photos are great. I really liked the one showing grapes on the vine and a smidge of fall colors :) Thanks for dropping by my "This New House" site and leaving me a lovely message. Our home should be done by December or January. I had a landscaper out today to get a handle on that area of the property. Lots to consider. But I want lots of bushes and trees that turn beautiful colors in the fall! Also ones that the deer and elk won't devour :( Have a blessed week ... from your friend in Idaho.

Saija said...

those are just lovely, terry ... :o) ... i was hoping to see more colour when i was in your area - but it was too early!! our leaves are really turning - not too much varied colour, but they are still pretty!

blessings to you!