Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Southern Ontario Sunsets For David and Carol Fisher

For the first time in a while, the sunset was back over the lake!
The dull, damp weather had hidden the sun from view for almost a week.

I had told Bernie that I would use his camera to take the pictures of the glorious event and I was astounded at how well his 2.1 Sony cyber-shot camera performed.
My 7.2 Sony cyber-shot could not have done any better!!

Here are the Tuesday night photos.

Bernie and I, both would like to dedicate them to our friends David and Carol Fisher.
David has been a little under the weather for a few days and we thought that this would surely make a nice "Get Well" card for him!!

Saija, if you are around...How about it?
Isn't this how lovely EVERY sunset on the prairies is?!


spiderfedix said...

Extraordinary pictures! Congratulations

Julie said...

Terry, your sunset pictures are gorgeous, beautiful, stupendous, simply amazing!!!!!!! I love, love, LOVE them! Wow! God's pretty great with his paintbrush isn't he? Now I am anxiously awaiting the leaves on the trees to really start to turn their own vibrant colours!

Now I think I'll use one of your pictures on my computer desktop instead of the picture "the Fish" wants us to use (besides, my husband won't want a Senator on their, he'll want one of the Leafs!!)

Thanks for those really made a great start to the day!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Do you remember the old song "Canadian Sunset"? It was very popular back in the 50's when I was growing up. Maybe this is where it was written. BEAUTIFUL sunset!! How gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your pictures with the rest of us. Sandy

Jessica said...

Hi Terry! AWESOME pictures! Makes anyone that sees them wish they had been there to see it in real life! I posted a new picture of me and Ty =) I think it's cute. I've got more on the way. Love, Jessica

Rachel said...

Terry, these are awesome! I'm speachless...(that's rare)

Saija said...

absolutely lovely pics!
i think your sunsets are just as lovely as our prairie ones ... :o)

blessings to you!

Mrs. Mac said...

GORGEOUS! I'm in awe of God's gift of sight and His painting of the evening's sky! Thanks for the nice update on my blog. Hope you have a blessed week with many more colorful sunsets.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh, Wow! I've got goosebumps! Exquisite scenes. What a wonderful glorious God we have.

Anonymous said...

Totally magnificent, Terry!! I think these just might be the prettiest ones you've taken (that I've seen)!! Beautiful!!!


Tracy said...

Just when I thought my day couldn't get any better, I saw these shots!! God is truly amazing. I always feel refreshed and renewed when visiting this site. Makes me so home sick for that beautiful Canadian sky, and fresh air. Miss it so much. Thanks for sharing. Tracy

Noel Lewis said...

Your pictures are as beautiful as your soul. I enjoy your pictures as well as reading your comments on my blog. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...


What can I say that the other folks who left comments have already said. I know, thanks for dedicating these to Carol and me. What a day-brightener although I didn't find them until tonight.

Be assured of our prayers for Betty.

Much love in Christ,


Mrs. Mac said...

Had to come back to take another peek at the beauty of God's handiwork.

Anonymous said...

Just breathtaking!

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh WOW! These are amazing! It must be from being so close up north, closer to the northern lights origins. I know these arent the northern lights, but they remind me of them, and one of my dreams is to see the northern lights : )