Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dad Golden..the Rest of the Story on a Ruby Tuesday

when i was going through the hundreds of photos that mom golden has, it was really hard to pick which ones to post...there were still so many that i decided to do another post and try to get in a lot of red for ruby tuesday and so here they are!
this is the family when we lived in our beloved manitoba...the family that mom and dad golden brought back to ontario.. back row...gary teddy terry betty.. second row gracie sandra gail ..front row the two babies born on the prairies..david  karen.. lots of red in these pictures, eh.?....  and so now i will just post some more pictures and at the end tell you a little story.

now here is the little story i must tell you.. do you see this man?
well one day he dcided to lose weight and so this is what he did!
the BEFORE picture....
....the plan!
and the AFTER picture!
the certificate..
his successful story even made the news...hmm...i wonder if dad golden ever asked susan saint james for her autograph?
and so happy ruby tuesday dad golden and everybody else...love terry


Deb said...

I love seeing all your photos, Terry - It makes me feel as if I know each and every one of your loved ones. And a very happy belated birthday to Dad Golden!! Please tell him that I am praying that the Lord fills his life with an abundance of blessings and JOY unspeakable!

Amrita said...

Enjoyed these lovely photos too

Pat said...

You have such a sweet family Terry, I feel like I could also claim them as my adopted Canadian family!
Happy belated birthday to Dad Golden...and tell him I love that dish of candy he sent to the reunion, they are so good and I'm still eating them!

Jada's Gigi said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad, Terry! he is a blessed man to have such a wonderful family!

Jim said...

Well, I missed the birthday. But congratulations are in order for those lost 80 pounds.