Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For Felisol On This Ruby Tuesday

please go and read the wonderful post that felisol has written for this ruby tuesday. it will encourage your soul as it did mine.. have a very happy and blessed ruby tuesday my friends..love terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Thanks for this wonderful song - and the many spectacular lighthouses.
The wonderful thing is, it's in the night and the storm we see the lighthouse most clearly.
The promise is that no wayfarer or seafarer shall go wild.
as for the boat, it may seem as if Jesus is sleeping, but he is always on board.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Such a delightful, moving, sensitive tribute! Just lovely!

A note - somehow the current RT2 post is signed by MMT, but it is actually mine. Strange how that happened! We take it in turns each week! MMT posted last week!

dsahmblogs said...

Thank's for sharing. So beautiful!

Visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..


Jim said...

I'll do that, Terry. I am glad you are doing the Ruby Red Tuesdays again.

Our little Adi died this Monday. Just today I posted it on the Internet. It was hard to do.

Another time a bit later I will do a tribute blog for her. This one is more or less an obituary.

Adi was a very good dog, the best a person could ever have for his buddy.

Amrita said...

Felisol shared her lighthouse with us an d you have complemented it with this beautiful song. Thank you Terry