Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Ruby Tuesday Iowa relatives


teddy, my brother from iowa and his wife, lois and daughters, ginny and ashley came for a visit this week and for a very good reason!
THIS is the reason...teddy and lois are new grandparents and ginny and ashley are new aunties and jeffory is a new uncle!
on sunday night, teddy took his place at the pulpit and preached the gospel.
the sly photographer who was sitting at the back snapped this picture of lois, jeffory and jeffory's girl friend, ivey.

after the gospel meeting, several of the golden clan gathered at rachel's house for a get together..rachel is betty's daughter, mom and dad's oldest grandchild and she is the heart of our family....here is lois, as she trys to reach high enough to hug gary's two tall sons, jacob and james!

betty and gracey...betty looks quite dashing in her ruby coloured blouse,!

this is uncle teddy and betty and john's boy, ryan.
nice red shirt uncle teddy!

teddy giving thanks to the lord for all of the blessings he has given to us and for the delicious food!

yummy...fried chicken made by rachel....sitting in a bright red bowl!

oh! oh!..the food truly DOES look mouth watering but this table of food was served wednesday night not sunday after meeting night!

ginny is standing beside the golden family's latest treasure, mark who is amy, betty's daughter's boy friend..he is visiting amy from the united states..he has a nice montreal canadian shirt on and it is just choice for a ruby tuesday post.
our rachel is beside him and beside rachel, is gracey's son, eric.

the second youngest great grandbaby, eric and marie's babe sure looks hungry..ashley, teddy and lois's youngest child is getting chewed on!

uncle teddy loves this baby that is in her mommys arms...this is the first time that they have met each other....and this baby just loves to have her photo taken!

mom and dad golden's oldest daughter, betty and their oldest son, teddy are getting caught up on the latest news.

shame on mom and dad golden's second child for not wearing red but i really do think that teddy has made up for this by wearing a red baseball cap...for sure and he is wearing it backwards...in my opinion is the only way to wear a baseball cap!

i don't know what is in that red book that is laying on the coffee table but it makes a good touch don't you think?

this is a picture i took at mom and dad goldens two days ago. mom golden is showing deb the baby book of the newest baby..it is this book that i took the picture of braden patrick and then just fixed it up a bit with "picture it!"
to be continued...

to be continued...


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Happy belated birthday to Mom Golden, and a great greeting to your large and colorful family. Are these only representing the Iowa branch? So many of them seemed familiar to me. The man in the blue tracking jacket must definitely be a brother of yours. When I see him sitting on Dad Golden's armchair,they look like twins, just a few years in between.

Give my best to Bernie, Mom and Dad Golden. All this delicious food has mad me hungry. I've got to get something to eat, before I do more blogging.
It must be some circus just to feed a family this size.
I'm impressed and still hungry.
Love Felisol

Diane said...

Loved the pics of your family!

Many hugs..........


P.S. I also have an Iowa connection! ;-)

clavs said...

Hey there! ate Terry how are yah? I just gave you stylish blogger award, pls claim it will yah?
and also check on my moms bday bash! I just post it a while ago...love yah!

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful family reunion! What a blessing!

Amrita said...

Oh Terry I loooooove looking at pictures of your family - this is what attracted me to your blog - your warm, and loving beautiful family.

All your faces are shining - the baby is soooooo cute.

A BIG HELLO to everyone

And happy birthday to Mom, i don 't remember if I greeted her earlier.

Cyndi Lacefield said...

Congratulations! Babies are indeed a blessing from above. It looks like you had a wondeful time of love and family fellowship. Those are memories you can't replace. Blessings, Cyndi