Friday, March 11, 2011

I Love You Bernie!

Happy Anniversary Bernie...while you lay sound asleep last night, i had been searching for pictures to put in here and so now i am tired!....almost ten in the morning and you are still snoring away..ha!

from this to..

to THIS!

oh this will have to be continued!...thirty nine years married does make a person need a little more rest once in a while! be continued! terry

mom golden always told bernie that i was spoiled and i truly was!!
this song by cliff richard was one of "our" songs!
now i will have to make anoother post with the pictures of our lives...


Felisol said...

Happy anniversary Bernie and Terry!
Hope you are able to celebrate together. (hat Terry is not sleeping while Bernie is awake.)
I wish you many, many good years to come.
From Felisol

Pat said...

Happy Anniversary to a couple that God truly did create for each other. Your love for one another is so tender and such an example of what marriage should be, and wow...what a beautiful bride you were!!!

Tammi said...

Wishing you both a wonderful and happy anniversary! God has been so good to you both! :) 39 years! That's awesome! Congratulations! And many, many more! <3

Sandy said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary
to you two!!! How wonderful is a
love ordained by God.

Sue said...

Well! Terry I see we have another song that we both enjoy, this is one of our favorite songs... way back when.
May I wish you and Bernie a most blessed and happy anniversary, and may you have many more blessed years together.

Diane said...

Ohhhhh, bugger bear!!!! I missed your anniversary! Well, I may be late, but I refuse to let it pass!
So, Happy Belated Anniversary! I loved the pictures and the ones on the following post as well. You know me, I LOVE anyone's picture! :) You are just too precious to my heart and I am so thankful you and Bernie have each other.

Many hugs..........


Deborah said...

Belated happy anniversary! Your wedding picture is beautiful!

Amrita said...

happy anniversary to both Terry and Bernie. You are such a loely couple brought together by God.

Crown of Beauty said...

I was checking my dashboard, visiting blog friends I haven't visited in a while...

And so here I am, wishing you and Bernie and belated happy anniversary!

OUr anniversaries are only seven days apart... Mine was yesterday, March 18...

Much love to you, Terry...