Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thank You Felisol

to my best friend, felisol i would like to dedicate this hymn,
for almost a week now at 1:00 am her time in norway and 7:00 pm at my time in ontario canada, she has used a half hour to pray for dad golden. she is expecting a miracle that he will accept the lord jesus as his saviour.
felisol, i really do believe in prayer and in miracles!
thank you for your encouragement to me.

sorry that i don't know how to make all of the letters show. i will have to go and see my dear friend kathy at happy home and get her to teach me how again.

have a blessed lords day terry


Sandy said...

My dear father accepted Jesus
as his Savior only weeks before
he entered into dementia. Never
give up hope, Terry.
I will pray for your father, too.
Love & Prayers,

David C Brown said...

Adding a word of prayer: think of the memorial of prayers before God!