Monday, June 07, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Treasure Box mary our teach

today, as i was searching my brains for a ruby tuesday post, and coming up with just nothing...all of a sudden my eyes lighted on this little treasure box that was made for me by a friend who lived in el salvador.
long before i had a blog and really long before i even knew WHAT a blog was even, marina and i were emailing back and forth.
you see, one of our boys from the church had visited his homeland, el salvador and he had fallen in love with this beautfiful spanish girl with the shining brown eyes.
while in el salvador, they were married but because of the laws in canada, it would be several months that marina could move to canada...and so...after walter's return home, she was one lonely girl!
walter gave her email address to me and so we would write each other several times a week.
i sent to her almost all the pictures i had of her sweetheart and his family and the church family.

finally the glad day arrived that a big plane from el salvador brought the spanish princess to her waiting groom,,

and with her, she brought this lovely miniature treasure chest for bernie and me

on the the top of the little chest is a great scripture verse from god's word, the bible.
"Genesis 2:24
"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh."
marina. although she had left her own country knew that her heart now lived in canada!

this is the side where we open the chest...
marina is an artist and i am so glad that she put many red hearts and several pink flowers all over the chest..just perfect for a ruby tuesday, eh?

one side says terry.

the other side says bernie.

and this is how the back looks and where the hinges do there job of letting us open and close the pretty little precious chest!

the bottom of the tiny chest doesn't say "made in japan" but instead, "made in el salvador", by marina our beloved spanish artist friend![not that i don't like to buy things that are made in japan!]

and here is the treasure that bernie and i have put in the small space.
small, indeed! but big enough to hold some treasured american coins with president kennedy's face and some canadian ones that hold the face of our dear queen elizabeth....two people who are heros of both mine and bernie's....and too we really respect that the american coin has the words inscribed, "in god we trust"....and we DO love our canadian national bird, the loon!

here is the wedding picture of walter and marina along with walter's two beautiful sisters, delmi and rena.

and here six years later, are treasures far better than gold,[priceless!] walter and marina's babies...fernando[named after his grampa] and sofia.

this whole new spanish family are very much a part in the gospel hall..
and the two kids, why...THEY play a huge part in the sunday school.
they love the crayon book song and here they are singing it with two of their friends.
sofia just turned four this week and i am just wondering where has the time gone!

happy ruby tuesday one and all and god bless terry


Sioux said...

Precious story! We have a young man going through the same thing with his wife in Korea!

reg said...

What a fantastic story, I just love it . That little treasure box is so great. What a keep sake. It is so nice to see and read stories like this and you do it beautifully. Well done there my Baby sitter. I must crash for now getting really late. Any way happy Ruby Tuesday and looking forward to next weeks

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

The box is truly a treasure....but thing is, it's more a treasure for us to have you share such a piece that means so much to you!!!

My R T is "lady in red"...a portrait of my daughter. Come by and view her if you can find time, I'd love your visit!!

Sandy said...

That is a beautiful story,
Terry. The treasure box is
just precious. I'm sure you
love it.

Andrea said...

Thank you so very much for your prayers and support.

♥ Kathy said...

What a beautiful story & precious little chest! I just love it & I love you ♥ *hugs*

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Magical Mystical Teacher said...
treasure box
splashed with valentines—

Red Door to Wonder

marina said...

My dear Sister Terry,
I don't know how to star... you made me cried, but in a healthy way. Is the first time that a friend made a blog for my Walter and my two little jewels, and the little treasure chest that I made for you. What a beautiful blog,I don't have words to say "muchas gracias" in Spanish, means thank you very much!!. You are beautiful inside and out,knowing you is like receiving a unique gift from "God",one that has found a very special place in my heart. You are special, the world is blessed to have you in it. "God saw all that he had made,and it was very good..."Genesis 1:31.
I send you a hug,

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Indeed you are beautiful inside out, like Marina says.
Thanks for introducing this special woman to us and her beautiful Ruth-ish history.
That box sure must mean a lot to you and to her.
You have the biggest heart I know of, I'm so blessed to have a tiny corner in it.

Amrita said...

This is such a precious little gift to cherish, holding a ton of friendship and love, tiny as it may be but it overflows with love and fellowship.

God bless this lovely family