Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Restful Days


go and see mary the teach, the creator of ruby tuesday!

as you know, thursday was mom golden's birthday and i did manage to get this one picture of her taken on the day itself,but i never got the rest of the photos taken until this sunday and i will wait until tomorrow to put them in.
i thought that these few pictures would be good for ruby tuesday.
that pea, the little northern nana had fantastic olympic pictures that she made a great post of and i don't know WHY she never used them for her ruby tuesday post.
they are all prize winners!

it was a restful day for bernie and i this saturday...and we WERE really tired.
bernie took this picture of me....ha! twin terries!

when i look at this picture of bernie, i always think of what he told me when we first met, "i was born on a wednesday and i am still looking both ways for sunday!
well by the looks of things, he is still a bit confused!

happy ruby tuesday everybody god's blessings...love terry


Amrita said...

Lovely photos Terry, but you all are one of a kind really.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
really good pictures.
I have a weak spot for Bernie. He's not looking confused at all. He likes what he sees in the mirror, and that is good.
What a cool quote for a Wednesday child. Looking both ways for Sunday.
Never heard that before, but I will remember it till next time I meet a Wednesday child.
By the Way, both Gunnar, I and Serina are Thursday children, whatever that may mean.
You've better ask your loved one.
From Felisol

♥ Kathy said...

Aww what sweet pictures Terry! Happy Ruby Tuesday ♥

PEA said...

Twin Terries...can we really handle two of you???? hehe I've never participated in Ruby Tuesday but now that you mention it, I guess I could have with my Olympic pictures! lol My brother really did take some wonderful pictures, didn't he:-) So much red all over!

Love the picture of you and mom Golden as well, I'm just so glad that you were able to celebrate her birthday with her:-) Love your red jacket, it really suits you! xoxo

Marice said...

Happy belated birthday to your mom Terry :) love the photo of the two of you! sweet! and those twinnies are so creative!


u may view mine here

Terry said...

thanks amrita..if there were two of me what a turmoil there would be in this old world!

ha! felisol...i was born on a thursday too!
august 25, 1949

thanks kathy and still i thank you for all you have taught me!

little northen nana, i guess i have a bad memory. i thought that i met you on ruby tuesday but i guess the way i met you is when you first came to my blog and told me that you had a brother living in my town!
that was really cool.
i wish you WOULD join ruby tuesday,
it is a great thing and since i have joined over a year ago, i find that the discipline of keeping it up has really helped me be more diligent in looking after my blog...before that i was kind of lazy putting in posts.
you don't need that discipline because you post almost every day but it would be still nice if you did ruby tuesday!

marice, you always say the sweetest things...i will take a visit tomorrow to see you.
too bad someone couldn't invent a day that hasmore than 24 hours. eh?

take care....love terry

Jim said...

Wonderful pictures, Terry. I like them all, the one of you and Mom Golden is on the top of my list!
Happy RT! Sorry it's Wednesday and forgive me for coming late; I have too many to answer yet and I didn't really go 'hunting.'

donna said...

two of you...now that would be something to behold...I loved the pictures...you and Bernie look great !!!

remember the doublemint gum commercials....that's what it reminded me of...but not only double the fun...but double the blessings in all our lives....

mom Golden looks beautiful!! can't wait to see you all again.


Terry said...

and double trouble donna!..ha!

Terry said...

thank you mr. jim ..you are way too kind!
give adi a hug from me!..love terry