Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday To A Norwegian Princess

today, feb 25th is serina's 22nd birthday.
serina is the joy of her mother, felisol's heart and the apple of her dad, gunnar's eye...she is a precious treasure to her gramma and her uncle.
and this little girl from the far side of the sea is known by so many of her mother's friends in blog land..and is loved of all!


this little norwegian girl, just as her mother and her grandmother before her is a lover of flowers.
she looks like a beautiful flower herself as she stands as fair as a princess under this lovely perfumed bush.

serina is wearing a sparkling string of lights...beautiful indeed she is and around the photo is her dear mom and dad and uncle and grandmother...her dear grandfather is now in heaven but serina will never forget him and so i have placed him in this picture doing what he loved best in life
and that is reading his bible! his family!

i will never forget what felisol once told me about princess serina..
i can't remember if she told me in an email or if she told me this on the phone.
felisol, who is a prayer warrior told me that whenever she sees an ambulance hurrying on to the hospital, she prays for the person who is being rushed there.
serina quietly told her, "mom, i begin praying as soon as i hear the siren, before i ever actually see the ambulance!"
what a wonderful little girl she is!

dearest serina...i am going to put this song in and the words in this song are exactly what your mom and your dad and your gramma and your uncle and all of your friends think of you!
and the flowers in this song are almost[just almost] as exquisite as you are!

this is a "birthday cake" that i had googled in for you sweetheart.....happy 22nd terry and bernie and all your mom's friends..."god bless you always", as my friend, mel of the philippines always tells everyone!


Felisol said...

Good Morning, Canada and sweet Terry.
What a wonderful post you have made for Serina.
I am so touched on her behalf.
We are more or less in Canada all the time these days.
The winter Olympics in Vancouver is huge here in Norway.
When Serina was born, our minds also were in Canada,back then, in Calgary.
I remember we were watching women's Cross Country Skiing at the hospital just before she arrived.
Gunnar wrote in the local newspaper, "Serina Helene easy out from start."

No wonder I feel attached to Canada!
From Felisol

Terry said...

for sure and norway is in third spot felisol, with 18 medals. they are really doing good,eh?
felisol, i couldn't help but write this post for serina..i have never met her,but i think that she is one of the sweetest young ladies that i know!
you and gunnar are very rich people!
love terry

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Serina.
This is a lovely post.

Something is preventing me from commenting on a few blogs including Felisol 's so I am sening my comments by email

♥ Kathy said...

How sweet...Happy Birthday

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Serina!! Such a heartwarming post you've made to celebrate her special day:-) I've always loved that song and it came out in a good year...1957...the year I was born! hehe xoxo

Jim said...

Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!
Happy Birthday, Serina!

Happy Birthday to you!
Serina, you mom can tell you why this is singing for me.

I have watched you from finishing school to going away and now a wonderful young lady adult!
You are a pleasure to your parents and family and to all of us.

Happy Birthday, Serina!

Crown of Beauty said...

What a lovely, lovely post this is, dearest Terry!

Yes, I also have come to love Serina...because of the way our dear Felisol has taken time to photograph her, and write about her... and indeed, Serina is such a lovable daughter!

Thank you for this post...


donna said...

belated happy birthday greetings to Serina