Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take Time To Smell The Roses?...NOT

dearest amrita, my friend ...this post is for you!

yesterday when mom golden's doctor appointment was over, i stepped into the bright sunny november day to find the little red car which was our ride out!
as i headed toward this medical building i was so surprised to see this rose bush!
so amazing that it was still in bloom and with winter on its way yet!

oh! there were several pink bushes!

so, so beautiful and so, so still sharing their sweet fragrance!

and then i thought of my friend, amrita and i was so glad that bernie had recently charged my camera because now i wanted so much to send these roses to india to her and her mama.

oh aren't they just a miracle of our creator?

just behind another corner, i spotted a little red rose and it beckoned me!

and it introduced me to the rest of the family...oh! oh! oh!

just look at this beauty sunning herself and admiring her own shadow on the wall!

just around the last corner, appeared a bright splash of red berries on this bush.
for sure and i was really happy that i always carry my camera!

and yet another click!

and another!
can you see who is watching me in the distance?
watching me and with a pink paper waving at me in the breeze, and stuck on to the little red car's windshield wipers..NOT a ticket and if so for WHAT?

when i reached that little red car or "little red riding hood" as amrita calls it, i was shocked indeed that the paper WAS a ticket!
and you know for what?
well the man had written out that ticket, accusing the driver[me!] of parking in a handicap spot illegally!
the note said that the expiry date could not be seen and so "how do i know if the thing is legal or not?"...oh!
after i picked mom golden up, i hurried right to town and into the ticket department.
i knew mom golden was praying for me as i left her in the little red car.
i told the lady that this must be a mistake and that lady told ME that "no.. it wasn't".
i guess when she saw how upset i was, she forgave and cancelled the ticket.
and then she gave me some two way tape that i could put on my permit. she told me to tape it to the window and always up far enough for the expiry date to be seen by the ticket man..
oh!! if she hadn't of canceled that ticket, it would of cost 300 dollars to pay for it.. almost the WHOLE of my disability check!
i am so glad that the lord answered mom golden's prayer!
hmmmm...though, i really wonder if i should STILL take the time to stop and smell the roses!!

one thing though, i refused to be too upset to send on to princess amrita and her mama these two roses...a pink one and a red one and my wishes that amrita's poor knee aching with arthritis will get better!!
take care amrita, mama and terry


Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Such beautiful roses. Wish I was there and to inhale some summer scents as well.
The roses are stunning.
I've got to find a map to figure out just how far north Welland is.
Greet Mom Golden and tell her: "Well prayed". Oh, those bureaucrats really can make the stomach acids flow!
Once more, I seal one little roe for myself, you've got an abundance.
From Felisol

Terry said...

dearest felisol,
welland is eleven miles from niagara falls.
welland is called the rose city and the roses have been just splendid this year!
last year there was a scariness of them.
i was so surprised when these were thrown right into my path yesterday!
love terry

PEA said...

Such beautiful roses and no doubt your friend in India will love the pictures of them:-) We've had so much frost here up north, no roses are to be seen but you're lucky enough to be a bit more south where you could still enjoy some of these lovely blooms. I'm always saying I need to move more south! lol

Oh dear, I can't believe you got a ticket because the officer couldn't see the expiry date of your handicap parking pass. I'll have to remember to tell Steve that when we go away again because he has one of those passes as well and I don't think he realizes that the expiry date has to show!! He's had foot surgery and also broke his leg in 4 different places over a year ago and still has to use his cane on occasion. I'm so glad they ended up cancelling your ticket..whewwwww!! Mom Golden did really good at praying:-) xoxo

Terry said...

dear pea...yes that is a good idea to tell anyone you know that has the pass. the lady that cancelled the ticket told me that before, they used to have in larger letters the expiry date right in the middle of the card where it could be clearly seen!
i just wonder how many people have been caught this is kind of sneaky if you ask me!
if my going through this helps someone, it will make me happy..
i also am going to tell everyone i know....
thanks for popping by.
the last couple of weeks we have been having days it the 50's.
even though you have had frost northern ontario nana, at least you had a nice sunny day for your santa clause parade,eh? terry

donna said...

yes the roses are beautiful Terry....a big hello and lots of hugs to Mom Golden...we have been having some nice days, but I wont mind it when the snow hits the snapdragons are still blooming...lots of love to you

Terry said...

dear donna...we used to have wild yellow snapdragons in my beloved manitoba...fields of them and i really did love those flowers!
we would never pick them..we let them live!
i guess they must be a fall flower, eh donna?
i will give mom golden your message and don't forget that it would be nice to see you again!
maybe rachel, betty and i could meet you over the border sometime for a coffee! terry

Trish said...

What beautiful Roses Miss Terry!
So, happy to hear that you didn't have to pay for that ticket...nothing like a Prayer Warrior storming the Gates while you were fighting a battle at city hall eh?

Terry said...

yes trish..for sure and that prayer warrier storming the gates of heaven is ninety-three pounds soaking wet!...ha! terry

jel said...

purty flowers !

glad ya didn't have to pay the fine!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh Terry how thoughtful and loving you are to have written an inspirational post for Amrita. I'm sure she will appreciate that very much. As I had just came from her blog, I learned that her hurting knee is not hurting anymore. And she is praying to God for the provision to finish the repair of their church. We can all pray for her sublime intention. God did not let you down but instead touched the heart of that traffic officer that she cancelled your traffic ticket. God is really so good all the time. You were able to save $300. because of God's amazing grace. How wonderful are His ways in protecting His children. Thanks for the feel good post. God bless you all always.

Amrita said...

Oh thank you so much Terry and I will show them to Mummy - she will love them to. These are the miracle winter roses, but they would have been too costly too . $300 would have bought half your ticket to India, I guess.

I am so happy the ticket lady saw the truth and let you off.

Mom 's prayers were heard.

Red Riding Hood would have cried too.

I must dig out a photo of my Dad' s old Red Riding Hood, I 've got it somewhere in my albums.

We pruned our roses and the rains came after that , so we don 't have any right now. There was one and the Pastor 's daughter wanted to give it to Aunt Virginia who turned 81, so I let her have it.

I take pictures when our bushed are abloom.

Crown of Beauty said...

lovely roses, and lovely post... so happy you were forgiven your ticket! I am just so glad you took time to smellthe roses...

Been a busy week at the conference and the weekend retreat.

We celebrate Ernie's first homegoing anniversay on Monday Nov 23...


reg said...

O wow Terry this is such a nice story and better a truly happy ending to it. I still have roses in bloom as well, however few as I clipped their pretty little heads off!!!!!! All in the name of wonderful roses again next year.
Now I need to rake up the last of my leaves and save them up for the protection of the roses for the winter.
Maybe that should be next Blog post. Winter protection for Roses
for now
the Squacky Brat from Rivers Base

akumangkok said...

Hi Terry,
Happy to hear the happy ending to ur parking ticket adventure.
I had no idea that u need to have the expiry date displayed.
Arent those roses pretty!


Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Terry:)

I am taken by surprise to see Amrita's photo in this post and you have dedicated this post to Amrita. Absolutely gorgeous.

It is amazing to see such lovely roses even though winter is slowly creeping in.

Flowers where ever they are, whether is a place where every one can see and appreciate them or in a remote place where no one can see them, they are always beautiful and they have no purpose other than to sing God's glory in their brief life.

I am amazed your laws are so strict that it can warrant a fine of $300 dollars wrong parking. People issuing the pass should print the expiry date in bold print so that it can be seen clearly. A lot of tension and worry could have been prevented. But God is great. Thanks be to the Lord.

Many thanks for the interesting comment in my post.

My best wishes and prayers to you and your mom:)