Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ruby Tuesday In The Country


autumn by name is the season here in southern ontario but in the city it is just barely showing fall colors....so here is the little red car arriving into the country side where the trees have been putting on their many coloured garments.

before arriving to the country side, we passed this garden of pink flowers and spotted the canadian red leafed flag in the distance.

across the canal, there was the slightest spot of red between the two green trees.

we passed this darling little house with its red roof and the nice ruby leaved tree in its yard..

"ah", said the little red car when we arrived. now this is more like it...it squeezed itself into a small spot between the trees and lake ontario and let us take a few photos.

this is a beauty..these red "berries" are actually the seeds of a jack-in-the-pulpit. very, very photogenic they are!

these light red leaves almost look like spring blossoms....but alas!

this is what they will surely look like in two weeks...they will be hanging on for dear life and will soon fall as winter nips at their heels!

" good-bye fall in the country"....the little red car says,.."next ruby tuesday we will have to concentrate on the city!"......in the meantime our wishes to you all a happy ruby tuesday and may the lord bless you all....love terry


Hootin' Anni said...

It's like you took us on a round trip...from the arrival to the departure with beautiful redness in between...love the jack in the pulpit photo.

My R T is posted. Scroll down below my Tuesday's Heads or Tails...it's eerie. Also, there is a new trick or treat treat for you on my sidebar if you'd like to grab and run with it!! CLICK HERE

Marice said...

wow lotsa lotsa red photos :) and all are amazing shot :)

u may view mine if u have time

Reg Szikora said...

O wow these pics are beautiful. It is so nice to see all of these here. Well done Terry. You sure have an eye for the Red!!!!!!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
What a wonderful autumn journey.
That narrow road must be good for hiking too?
A sad sense of goodbye to all the beauty we have have had this year. I cannot help for feeling sorry.
The falling leaves always make me remember Snoopy. He tried to enchourage the last leaves to hang on, just a little bit longer.
I try to say the same to the birches outside our kitchen window.
They do not obey.
Yours Feli

Jim said...

Terry, I just love that picture of your little red car driving down and back up the lane.
You have a cute one too with it hiding in the bushes. Did it try to run away or were you guys hiding the car and yourselves?

It is a wonder you didn't get arrested. In any of the East Coast U.S. States you would be hauled in, car and all to the police station on suspicion of being a terrorist. I think New Jersey is especially bad.

Happy RT! If you have a moment you can drop in on me. You may have to scroll down past Amber's post, she is yellow, not red. :-)
Oh yes, and please don't stop showing us your lovely drives. A lot of us, moi included, don't have time to go out in the car for pleasure. Nor gas money to waste.

Terry said...

thanks for stopping by anni and for your nice comments. i checked out your post and that is some bad punkin you have there. i think you had better ground that naughty fella' and tell it, "no halloween for you this year, buster... you bad boy!" hahaha!

marice..for sure you are new to ruby tuesday but for sure you are already an expert!!
really nice post you made!

yes, i do have an eye for red sonny sikora ...when i used to baby-sit you in my beloved manitoba, i would see red when you guys were being bad!..ha...only trouble was you guys never WERE bad!..
just make sure you behave yourself,now, eh?
i KNOW where you are!.........love terry

Terry said...

dear felisol..you are a girl after my own heart..i know that the fall is indeed a beautiful season but when we have to say good bye to the trees shedding their colorful garments and watching them shivering in the cold, it is sad sight!!
when this happens, we have to just count the weeks until spring comes!!
that mrs. mac is already dumping snow on to saija in my beloved manitoba..and that is just not nice!!
i don't think that norway gets as cold as canada, eh felisol
take care now and keep warm...love terry

Terry said...

ha! mr. jim....gas has really gotten cheap lately...only 92.9 cents a liter or $4.29 a gallon.
and the little red car is always hungry!
it goes about 36 miles per gallon, that is why we make short trips and put him into the corner when we want to take pictures.
the feds haven't caught up to us yet. besides we aren't terrorists..we have passports now doncha' know mr. jim?

give my niece adi a hug from me and i will go now and see your pretty amber......love terry

Constance said...

I LOVE the colors of Fall. It's creations last chance to show off until the winter snows melt once again from the land!

donna said...

lots of lovely pictures Terry....the colors are gorgeous.
looks like it was a beautiful day for an outing.


Amrita said...

Love all the photos specially the leaf and berries. The old house looks so inviting.

I have a n Allahabad video on my blog. Red Riding Hood would be confused in our traffic if she came here.

Louise said...

I love these photos Terry..so beautiful!

Mrs. Mac said...

Lovely, just lovely Miss Terry. That Bernie fellow and the little red car sure get around, eh? ;)


BTW no snow yet :)

A human kind of human said...

I love the way your nature celebrates fall, or autumn as it is known here, with her all the warm, rich colours. Where I live in Limpopo, South Africa, our leaves just turn yellow, brown, black and then drops off. Luckily for us winter is very short and soon the greens of spring will appear to burst into all the bright colours of summer. It is different in other parts of the country, but here it is pretty dreary.