Friday, October 16, 2009

For Louise

this song from the primitive quartet is for you louise!
god richly bless terry


Reg Szikora said...

That was a great little tune. I rather enjoyed it

Louise said...

Hi Terry, thank you so much for writing on my blog and for this video. I watched the Primitive Quartet on You Tube last night until time to go to bed. I do enjoy southern gospel and blue grass music. I hadn't heard of the Primitive Quartet until two years ago when my Mom & sister saw them at the Southern Gospel Quartet Conv. in Louisville, KY. When Mom learned I had distant cousins in the group she bought a DVD for me.
It's been good 'talking' with you Terry and I'll keep in touch via our blogs.

May the Lord bless you and yours.

Pat said...

That was a toe tapping good video! When He calls me I will fly!!

Terry said...

hahaha! miss patty.
it surely was!
a little different than i usually put in here but when i saw that a sweet lady louise i just discovered who is also good friends to a few of my good friends and that she liked the primitive quartet, i just had to put this in....great song!
we'll fly away
oh glory!
yes we are all packed up and ready to go, eh??
love terry