Monday, August 31, 2009

Drive West Little Red Car!!!!

go and see mary the teach.
you will be glad you did!

i have just seen these pictures that bernie had taken on the sly with his tiny phone camera and i am really amazed how they capture the thrill that i felt as we were heading to my beloved manitoba. the little red car was sworn to secrecy and was not to mention this to me. of course bernie later told me that the little red car had told HIM that it was to be the first picture in the "film"!

i have no idea what picture comes in which order, so i am just going to put them in ever which way.

all that i knew is that we had told that little red car, "go west young man!"

and west we surely went!

in ontario, before we hit the beautiful prairies, we ran into lots of rain..

but this did not deter us. we were willing to cross any bridge that would lead to my beloved manitoba...

although in manitoba the speed limit is 110 k per hour, bernie stayed at 100 because he said that it was a lot easier on the gas.

plus the little red car is ten years old and going much faster is hard on its ticker.

bernie took this picture of a church that is found in town called longlac.

the cool waters by the side of the highway made the little red car very thirsty.

i don't really know WHERE bernie took this picture but it was in his phone camera, so i thought i would stick it in here.

on we drove...

mile after


after mile!

the clouds were so beautiful and the skies were so blue.

but the little red car was getting tired and thirsty!

and so we finally stopped at a rest place so that the little red car could catch its second wind.

then we pressed on.

bernie, with his camera in hand, [while he was driving!] snapped some really pretty pictures....

of the fluffy clouds..

the traffic..

and the green trees living on the side of the road.

we were almost into manitoba but it was time to stop for the night in thunder bay...

oh and that little red car was so thankful!"feed me" it cried,..."too bad little red will have to wait for morning! after all your passengers are hungry and thirsty too and besides, after all, have you ever seen a campsite that has a gas station?"...

i am adding here, a little song that my friend, Magical Mystical Teacher wrote for the little red car.

A little red car’s
the perfect conveyance
to take us past the fence!

thank you for this MM!


life's journey said...

Oh what a great find for today...Happy RT! Mine is also up.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
I literally felt the wind from the plains of the west as you drove by.
Thanks for a wonderful journey.
From Felisol

passing-thru said...

Love your Photo Journey
Blessings to U and Bernie today dear Terry

Is.40 thru 50 what Hope for Israel and the child of God --

Amrita said...

Oooh Red Riding Hood,the little camera and their owners are all great story tellers and illustrators.

The sky and land and roads look very nice. I like travelling on the highway, although our countryside is very different.

Constance said...

The 2 of you make a great team! Make it 3, I can't leave out the little red car! I have seen those kinds of clouds when we drive in Canada! Next Fall, we are flying to Calgary and spending 2 weeks at Banff/Jasper on vacation! WOO HOO!

Trish said...

The sky and clouds are magnificent Terry! Whay a great log of your journey to your beloved Manitoba!
Thank you for sharing.

Crown of Beauty said...

Such glorious pictures! What a great cell phone camera that is to be able to take those lovely pictures of the sky, the clouds, the road, the trees... So beautiful!

Dear Terry, please visit my Aug 31 post, I have something for you there.


Jim said...

Terry, you had a wonderful trip! And the 10-year-old little red car's ticker held up real well from what I could see. Did you ever name it?

My favorite picture was the one of little church in the community of Longlac, Ontario. I call it a community because that is what Wikipedia calls it.
Wikipedia also said the population of Greenstone dropped when Longlac was amalgamated into the town of Greenstone. Guess a lot of people left the area then.

I had not heard of the word, amalgamated, before.

Everything was so pretty, I hope you are all recovered from you holiday. :-)
Google puts the pictures in order or backwards of the order you select them. I always forget which so often they need to be moved around.
I should write down which way it works, so should you. :-)

~Just me again~ said...

These were great! What a cool idea!

Pat said...

Oh my Terry, I've loved riding along with you and Bernie, and I must say, he's a very good driver! The scenery was beautiful, what a great vacation in the little red car!

Becca said...

I love how you can always see the red of the car in all of the pics...sounds like a great trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
I did it! Beautiful pics! What beautiful scenery and colours, especially red God has given us to enjoy!

Terry said...

ok did it all right.
i better see you on here more often!
just waiting for you to pick us up.
i told betty to perfume herself all up..ha! terry

ps..bernie is at work and the little red car is watching to see that he stays there!

Mrs. Mac said...

I feel as though I was a little mouse sitting on your shoulder Miss Terry. The scenery is grand .. and must have been such a memory jogger to years gone by. You were both so blessed to make the trip back to your beloved Manitoba! And the little red car .. she served you well indeed.


mrs. mac

Saija said...

love the pics!
and many are familiar routes to me ...
did you know that we lived in thunder bay for about 15 years? it's a lovely, scenic place - with many transplanted finlanders living there!