Saturday, May 30, 2009

Joyful Thanksgiving

all of our blogger friends from canada, united states, norway, india, england, philippines, malaysia and australia.....bernie and i wish you a very happy thanksgiving from bernie and terry

Psalm 105:1-2 – "Give thanks to the Lord, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts."

Jim said...
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Terry.
How long have you had your Thanksgiving holiday moved to Mondays? I take it the second Monday in October?

Do you gorge yourself eating like we do? What is done to celebrate? And what are you celebrating? Do the French speaking honor it? I always thought it was an English thing.

We had a Montreal and East Township holiday once during the Canadian Thanksgiving. I can't remember parades, etc.

Enjoy your holiday! :-)

9:15 AM
Amrita said...
Happy Thanksgiving to Bernie and you and all your family.

We have so much to thank the Lord for.

9:34 AM
Reg Szikora said...
wow Terry, Bernie, and family Happy Canadian Thanks-giving. I am so pleased and thankful to you for getting me started on my Blog. But beyond that I am thankful to my former baby-sitter from all those years back.
any way again Happy Thanks-giving and PS don't eat too much
Sonny Szikora

9:48 AM
Reg Szikora said...
I will see if this works

10:27 AM
Terry said...
hi mr. jim!
i think that since i can remember, we have had our thanksgiving on a Monday and i never even thought about the math..the second Monday of october.
i will have to google that...some canadian citizen i am, eh?
yes the french province of quebec celebrates thanksgiving mr. jim.
they have wanted to separate from canada for years and be their own country so if they do, maybe then they will not keep the canadian tradition.
i can't remember thanksgiving parades either jim.
i just love the american thanksgiving. they are so patriotic and thankful!
thanks mr jim.
give my adi a real big hug and tell her if i could i would mail her a big drumstick to texas for her and her two sisters, katrine and amber!!
ha! terry

guess what mr. jim?...somewhere in our fair land...mrs mac is celebrating a canadian thanksgiving...some where in british colombia!!

10:31 AM
Terry said...
oh sonny are so smart.
i guess it is because you had a genius for a babysitter.[NOT!]
now all anybody has to do is click on to your name to see your site]
good terry

10:35 AM
Terry said...
hi amrita...we sure do have so much to be thankful for!
and we take it for granted so much in canada..
thanks terry

10:38 AM
Crown of Beauty said...
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, dearest Terry.

My blog world is so much happier because you fill it with love and kindness!

I thank God for you!


10:44 AM
Terry said...
dear crown of beauty...i thank the lord for the day that ever my felisol sent me over to your blog!!
you have made my world happier too and how could anyone not be happy when they see that beautiul smile of yours? terry

10:53 AM
Anonymous said...
Leona said...
What a great blog for thanksgiving and a happy one to you too!
We had a great time last night with the family!
Blessings to you both!

10:58 AM
Terry said...
hi leona..!
yes it sure was a good time at rachel's
it was hard to get a word in edge wise though, eh?
what i am wondering is how you will be able to eat a third turkey dinner!!
happy terry

11:27 AM
Anonymous said...
Hi Terry
This will be number 4!
Did you lose track?
Turkey sure is gooooood!
How do I send your blog to David?
Hugs! Leona

11:50 AM
Terry said...
number FOUR!!
you are going to turn into a butterball..!
leona just email david's address terry

11:56 AM
donna said...
Happy Thanksgiving Terry....

amd much love to you and your family...tell them hello for me..

even though I might be too late...


3:46 PM
Felisol said...
Dear Terry,
Happy thanksgiving to the Shirkies and the Goldens.
I think it's still Monday for a while in Canada.
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all.
In the churches there is an "Harvest-thanks-feast" in September where children (mostly scouts)place various fruits on the altar.
Serina used to participate all the years she was a scout. Gunnar and I also followed as the faithful parents we were.

There is however no family traditions celebrating thanksgiving.
Hope you and your great family are having a great gathering.
From Felisol

4:31 PM
Mrs. Mac said...
Miss Terry, I'm seriously thinking about adopting your simplified Thanksgiving traditions. Being here in British Columbia celebrating with Canadians has been such a relaxing experience. There were no big lines in the market yesterday, and today, I somehow cooked the meal (without any fore thought about being the cook), starting the meal about 2 PM and sitting down to a delicious meal by 6 PM. I shall have to write a post close to the U.S's Thanksgiving holiday to inform the American families they don't have to 'kill' themselves to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner. More on that later. We had a beautiful day ... I'll post pics later. Hugs ... from Peachland, BC

12:58 AM
Anonymous said...
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3:55 PM
Anonymous said...
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3:42 PM
Anonymous said...
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7:39 PM
Anonymous said...
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6:16 AM
Terry said...
deleted deleted may as well give up buster...i will never allow your foul comments or your fllthy links on my blog!

10:20 AM
Anonymous said...
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.


Terry said...

i have succeeded in reposting this post and i have succeeded in getting rid of the trouble maker that has been attacking my blog!!
love terry

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