Tuesday, April 07, 2009

mrs mac sends us one wintry ruby tuesday..NOT nice


Mary the Teach

i wanted to continue to make another ruby post from my treasure box of last week but i cannot handle the scanner yet, so therefore, i will post a little about my week.
this picture, was taken by my good friend doug[leona's hubby].
this is the "before" picture taken at my niece, rachel's house two days before my operation.

oh boy, here i am in the pre-op room.
of course i never leave home without my camera.
betty took this picture.
for sure and get a load of those striped blue hospital jammies..

betty left me alone to face my fate and went into the waiting room.
with camera in hand, she took a few pictures.
this window looks out on to the hospital grounds.
see the nice canadian flag waving in the cool breeze with its red maple leaf...

this is my hero matthew, scat-mat as uncle bernie and aunt terry lovingly call him.
ha..he won't let anybody else call him that.
now matthew had a pace maker put in a year ago, and he understood my fears.
he refused to leave the waiting room the whole time i was in the operation and the recovery rooms.
he is a good boy, this studious son of bettys and johns..

now this guy is betty's husband, john.
although he has had grave health problems, himself, he has always been there for us.
he looks very serious here but he is a kindly person..
while waiting anywhere, he always has a puzzle book on hand to pass the time.

now betty, even though she didn't show it to me before hand how she worries, this picture that john took in the waiting room, tells me she was thinking of me.
betty, herself had to have a pace maker last year.
for sure and it must run in the family, eh.
my sister, gail learned last week that she will probably need one too.

now, this is "after" the operation photo.
i was escorted in a wheel chair down to the main floor.
i had two handsome guys fighting over who would do the driving.
oh the luxury of the whole thing...
wow... for sure and i was certainly not sporting ruby red cheeks..
i can see where they hacked me apart and covered me with white band aids.

my precious big sister, as usual right by my side where she has been for over 59 years.
boy it seems i never leave home without my ruby red jacket either, eh..

we stopped on the way home at a country style restaurant where i treated my helpers to a good meal...it was really great but by that time i was too tired to take any pictures.

after resting a few days at home, i was still a little sore, but dad golden insisted that bernie bring me over to his apartment where as usual, he had made a delicious meal.
I took this picture, as i was sitting down, of mom golden, who was enjoying a piece of lemon meringue pie that dad golden had bought for her.
dad golden is always bringing home goodies for mom golden and she never gains a pound...gurrrr....she weighs 95 pounds soaking wet.
take a look at all those hats by her side.
mom golden does surely love her hats.

now it was betty's birthday yesterday and i was very tired but rachel came and picked me up and took me to her house for a couple of hours, while bernie was at work.
mom golden and i spent a little time with betty.
and here is that mother of mine eating again.
boy... some people have all the luck..

now this is some what of a miracle.
do you remember that mom golden flatly refused to ever own a computer.
well now that she has seen all the things you can do with one,.... she wants a lap top.
when i feel a little stronger, bernie and i are going to look into picking up one for her and betty will set her all up.
oh, she is going to love it so much.

oh when we got up this morning, we saw that the Idaho snow queen had sent a pile of snow our way and after i was so nice to her and changed her into the idaho lilac princess.
and i thought she was my friend.
bernie and i had to fight the snow as we went for breakfast.
bernie took this picture for proof.
the little red car was not one bit impressed.
all of this april snow is not a pretty sight.

the little red car is pursuing a snow covered station wagon on this snowy ruby tuesday.
hmmm..i wonder if that mrs. mac owns a station wagon.

hey my beloved grandpaw ron...if you are out there, taking a break from facebook, could you please tie another string around your pinky finger.
betty and scat-mat and i all have a pace maker appointment on april 20 to see how everything is going...thanx..


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Hi Terry,
I'm so glad you had a successful operation. Praise the Lord for that. You have been so busy after your operation that one would think you never had an operation at all. You are a loving and closely knit family and that is your collective strength. I pray to the Lord that He grant you all a long life full of joy and less of bodily pains. Thanks for the delightful post and wonderful photos. God bless you all.

Mrs. Mac said...

Sorry to have dumped snow on your area ... I just had to get rid of it somewhere ;) I am so relieved that your surgery went well and that you have such loving people to care for you. Please play the sympathy card for as long as you can with them ... you deserve it :)


The Lilac Princess

ron said...

Hi Terry,

I allways sneak up on a few post and read them ---Trying to find where somebody is saying bad things about me ?

I was wondering why I tripped over the rope this morning when I got up ? Started to throw it away but now I'm glad I didn't ! I will remember to pray for ya'll but I know every thing will be ok , cause I have faith in my Master !

grandpaw ron.

Terry said...

i guess all is forgiven lilac princess.
just don't let it happen again, eh?
thank you mrs. mac...i will certainly be playing the sympathy card for at least another four weeks..

thanks mel for your continuing prayers.

And grandpaw ron, it is about time that you showed your face..ha
i was about to send judge judy to fetch you from facebook...ha...

love terry

byhisgracealone said...

hey terry I'm with Mrs. Mac...play the sympathy card....we had snow here this morning...I took Jen and Vera out to breakfast and Vera thought it was great fun to stomp in it....the snow that is!! oh and I cant wait to exchange emails with mom golden on her new computer...make sure you give her my email...and set her up on facebook....:):)

love ya

Jim said...

You did good, Terry! This is a nice RR post for a--do we call you handicapped still?--person that can't run a scanner.
We surely don't want you to bust those stitches loose. And don't be ashamed to tell us how it is, that M&M is a spoil sport calling playing a card.

Jim said...

Oh yes, I'm not doing the RR thing. Sometimes it gets carried away so I am cooling it until June or so.

Rebecca said...

Hi Terry
That is a long post - very good for post-op! You have gotta love those hospital photos! When I went for my op (the one before I broke my wrist) the nurse forgot to give me a gown which made for some very funny moments! Thank goodness there was no one around to take pictures of that!
Glad things are well on the mend.....

Deb said...

Hello Terry,
Well, The Lilac Princess sent some of her leftover snow to Pennsylvania too! I cleared two inches off the van before I drove Olivia to the end of our long driveway to catch the school bus this morning! I thought we were done with all this snow!

I was surprised to learn how many in your family have had to have (or will soon have) pacemakers. Your ticking is all a little off, eh? I'll be praying that it all gets back on track and soon!

Good to know you're on the mend my friend!

Constance said...

You look WONDERFUL! Hard to believe that a person can have something like that done, be home that same day and still look amazing! Very stylish hospital attire!

My Mom convinced POP to get a computer saying she would use it to keep in touch with the family back in Germany. She doesn't even know how to turn it on! She doesn't ever use it, just POP. I keep trying to convince her but she's a hard headed Kraut so my words are falling on deaf ears.

How wonderful to have the love and support of so many people who obviously think the world of you! Glad to see you doing so well!

Amrita said...

All the photos should be framed on gold. So very precious every one of them. The whole family gathered around you on the day of the op. Such care and support. And Duchess Terry looks so comfy and happy.

Bleessing to all of you.

Felisol said...

Dearest Terry,
you've been on quit a roller coaster.
No wonder your feeling at little under the weather today.
Especially since Mrs. Mac has sent you some of her remnant winter storms.

Some day you'll have to listen to me.
No need to play any card. You simply are an overachiever.
Your huge RR report shows the life of a fit twenty year old.
Not a young 59er.
Please listen to your body when its craving rest.
Nobody will believe you if you keep storming around, competing with the winds from Ohio.

Easy does it. Now you also have to exercise your muscles a bit.

PS You have the most wonderful family, and it's amazing to see to what extent they have stood by you.
Then again I know you have always been there for them as well.

Let this week be a silent week.
Listen to your favorite music, read and write.
Take care.
From Felisol

audrey` said...

A Very Blessed Easter to you, Terry =)

Take care.

David said...

God is good. Get well quickly and continue in all things to give thanks

Jada's Gigi said...

Glad you are feeling good! yes, I am friends with CS. He is a dear brother

Jada's Gigi said...

I'm so sorry about the April snow, but then I didn't send it over now did I? Our resident snow queen did that...Glad you are up and running again. Boy, pacemakers do run in your family! Have a blessed Resurrection Day!

Trish said...

So happy to see you out and about!
You and my Kell would have great times together...she always has her camera handy too. Wow! What places you two would take us!

Pia K said...

What an ordeal you've been through and how immensely good to have such a supportive family. I agree with Felisol, take care of yourself, take it easy and treat yourself to things you enjoy the most! Have a good Easter weekend, hopefully with some proper sun and springish weather!

Crown of Beauty said...

Hi, Terry, Do you get to read comments on past entries? I 'm reading up a bit on your previous posts. This one is so heartwarming, with all the family members showing you love and care. How can you not recover quickly? I did pray for you on those days, and I hope you're getting better everyday.

I have visited your friend vicki's blog a few times. Yes, she has a lot of deep insights. I like the way she expresses her heart.

The "waiting" posts that I did for Holy Week are part of a series, starting with the post entitled A Theology of Weakness. Somehow, those themes speak deeply to my heart, and on my blog I just want to share how I'm feeling on that particular day, or what God's speaking to me.

Will visit your blog again some time soon.


Terry said...

dear crown of beauty,
so nice to see you here.
i am one for that...i read old posts and even though i read your older ones because i want to, they sure don't seem old..
your first two that i read, makes me want to come back again.
i need the time because not only do i read the post i am one for reading all the comments too...
I have read all your comments at felisol's and donna's amd other great blogs..
thanks for your kind visit, felisol's good friend...love terry

ps thank you so much for praying for me even though you didn't know me crown of beauty....i like calling you crown of beauty because it is a very beautiful name.
i love the names, worshiper and obedient one too.
i want to read about ernie too if you have a post on him. that is such a lovely tribute you have of him on the side of your blog...
well long winded as usual i am,,,so long for now.