Sunday, March 08, 2009

Jesus..... What A Lovely Name!

May the Lord bless you this beautiful Lords Day..........Love Terry


Deb said...

How wonderful to hear Vestal singing! I miss her---used to enjoy seeing her on all the Gaither Homecoming specials. She's singing her heart out in heaven, I'm sure!

Deb said...

....and I so enjoyed your post for Ruby Tuesday! It was great to see all your friends and 'family' from church! (The pizza looked delicious too!)

I used to sing The Crayon Box song...with a little different lyric... we sang, " is for royalty within Him did dwell and yellow is for the Christian who's afraid to tell...afraid to tell of a Savior who died on Calvary, who died for lowly sinners, just like you and me..."

Amrita said...

She is a powerful singer Terry.

Have a great Lord 's Day.

Terry said...

Yes Deb..the words that you quoted are the right ones.
The guy who wrote the song says in his song that it is a sad thing that Christians are afraid to tell about Jesus.
The story of "The Crayon Box Song" is on Google.
Thanks for your visit.
Amrita I just love Vestal.
When Mom was in depression a few years back and even though they gave her a mild sedative, it was Vestal's singing that got her over the depression....Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
thanks for sharing Sunday blessings.
Hope you are having a quiet or rather refreshing day.
From Felisol

Anonymous said...

May God's Blessings fall on every last one of You even across the deep blue seas ? . Been a beautiful day in the peanut capital of the world?

Terry said...

Aw Grandpaw Ron,
What a nice way to end a beautiful Lords Day hearing your voice.
I have really missed you.
I really don't go to Facebook a lot because I am still a little behind on the blogs I visit, so I am so glad to see you here.
I hope that Princess and the girls are doing well!
Bernie says, "Hi Santa Clause" and you know amazing grace man that we truly do love you!
Love from the mean old Canadian lady, Bernie and the Shopper!

Anonymous said...


I never turn down friends that share God's love in your heart and express it so well. The girls and princess are doing alright , but the girls insisted I eat a big helping of banana pudding cause I wasn't quite sweet enough ? They had no problem convincing me ?

Blessings to you and Bernie--Shopper !
grandpaw ron.