Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad Golden

Today is Dad Golden's birthday and I really have been trying hard to make him his birthday post but I am finding it such a hard time, looking through old pictures of our family history.
He has been such a good husband to Mom Golden and such a great dad to his nine children and such a kind friend to many.
Why I am having such a difficult time is that Dad Golden says he doesn't believe in God and when I look at all of those pictures, of happier days, I am just wishing that he would accept the Lord
Oh, I know he DOES believe in God, though but if he does, he is believing that his good works will earn him a place in heaven ,but if that were so, why did God send His only Son the Lord Jesus to die for us sinners?
This is the birthday greeting that I put into the paper for my dear father.
This, we have been doing for several years for both of my parents..for their birthdays.for Fathers Day, Mothers Day and two for the price of one..their anniversary!
Dad Golden phoned me at seven this morning as he does every day and I sang Happy Birthday to him.
He said he liked the picture but he didn't say anything about the verse.
At least he wasn't angry!

I will try and post some pix and a little history of Dad Golden later.
In the mean time I will just say that when I read the lyrics of my Felisol's dad's favourite song, I decided that it would be just great for Dad Golden to read.
I did change a few of the words...........Love Terry

PS..This picture is from about 50 years ago when Dad Golden was serving as a fireman in the RCAF in Trenton. Ontario.

PS..Felisol told me that Dad Golden is her prayer child and Dad Golden knows this..

If Mom and Dad Golden had a computer, I would have Dad listen to this song by my favourite singer, Jake Hess.


Deborah said...

I love Jake Hess too! Our singinf group just sang that song in church the other day!

Deborah said...

Oh...and happy birthday to Dad Golden!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry ,
I've just sent you a mail asking about Dad Golden's Day. I told you my memory is rather short!
Well, will you bring Dad Golden my greetings and tell him he's still my prayerchild. A very good looking one.
Hugs from Felisol

Amrita said...

Please convey my birthday greetings to Dad Golden.

May Jesus draw him to Himself ismy prayer for him.

Pilot Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Dad Golden! I, too have been praying for you over the past year or so. :)

I pray your special day was extra special! If it wasn't then you let me know and I'll have a talking to with TerrY. Lol! She is such a sweetheart, who could ever have a talking to with her?!! Not me!

I sure would like to meet you and Mom Golden one day. Of course, I would love to meet Terry and all the rest of the Pals, too. But if I don't get to meet them while here, I know I will meet them one day when we are all Home. I'm praying that I'll get to meet you at Home, too, one day. :)

Over the past couple of years the Lord has certainly taught me that we do not know where or, even if, our next breath will come. Our life is a gift from God. And we can be called to stand before Him at a moments notice. We don't get a second chance once we are before Him. So I am eagerly awaiting the Good News from Terry so I can dance and praise Him for your arrival into His family. :)

Just know, Dad Golden, when you least expect it, I am lifting you up before His throne of Grace. :)

*a birthday hug for you*

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy birthday Dad Golden ... or should I say Golden Dad ...either way, sounds fine. Your daughter, Terry, sure loves you and has your very best interest heaven bound. May God grant you peace and good health ... may you trust in Him with all of your heart ... Blessings!

donna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Dad Golden....I would love to come and visit you in person....and see Mom Golden, Terry and Betty again....before winter roads keep me home....but Happy Birthday to you...

hugs and prayers

maryt/theteach said...

Hi Terry, Happy Birthday to your Dad! I was looking for your Skywatch Friday Pic...:)

Anonymous said...

hope Dad Golden had a good bday!


Dianne said...

Happy Birthday to Dad Golden, sorry I'm a bit late.

Nellie said...

Hi Terry,
I'm also a little late with my birthday wishes to your Dad, and I sure hope he had a nice one!

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my Ruby Tuesday. It was my intent to honor my very closest Veterans all through the week, but it didn't quite work out that way.

Take care and please know that even though I don't often comment, I'm thinking of you.


Saija said...

Happy Happy birthday to a special guy!!!! :o)

David Edward said...

praying for salvation to come,
regardless if the servant comes into the lord's vineyard at the first hour or the eleventh, the reward is the same. SHalom

Jim said...

Hi Terry, I guess it was last Tuesday when I was here because I surely did slip up on this birthday of Pop Golden!

Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden,
Happy Birthday (late) Mr. Golden.

Evidently he doesn't want us to know how old he is, so I'm thinking it is a happy age.

And Pop I also pray for you to believe and trust in Jesus to save you. If you believe he truly is the Son of God and does not tell lies, then he said (recorded words):
Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me."

Amrita said...

Sorry T, couldn 't find Donna 's blog, what is it called?