Monday, September 08, 2008

Prayer Request For My Sister Betty

Could you, my dear blogging friends please pray for Betty?
She will be having a triple by-pass operation this Wednesday at 1:00.
My family and I would really appreciate it...Thank you ...Love Terry


Deborah said...

Of course, Terry! Praying that all goes well, and that Betty has a quick recovery...also for the Lord's strength and peace for you and all of your family!

ron said...

Hi Terry,

I have already been offering prayers and will continue to do so ? I am one that truely knows and believes that God hears them ! He has made me feel His presence in the last month !

Blessings and let Betty know I care !

passing-thru said...


Yes Terry , for Betty we will remember -------

Try not to worry --------
She is in GOOD HANDS

byhisgracealone said...

Hi Terry..just a quick note
I will post this on my prayer the a.m.

I sent you an email...

Hi passing thru...hope you are well


Pat said...

Yes Terry, told me about Betty and I have been and will continue to keep her and your family in prayer.
She is in the hands of "the great physician"...there is no place better to be.

Corry said...

i will remember her in my prayers!

God's Grace.