Thursday, September 11, 2008

Betty Jane Is Doing Well

In just a little while, Rachel will be picking me up to go to see Betty in Hamilton. We returned late last night.
Betty only needed a double by pass and the doctor informed us that all went well and Betty, although still on the breathing tube is doing well this morning also.
The nurse was just talking to Rachel and has told her that the breathing tube will be coming off in the next half hour[9:00 am]
It is hard to know how much I can thank you for all the praying and I hope to get the chance to thank you all personally for all your prayers and encouragement.
Betty was so calm before the operation and the wonder that Rachel and I had a hard thing to understand is that in this huge hospital, the Lord had it all arranged that the chief of staff would be the one who operated on Betty and the chief of the anaesthetists was the one to put her to sleep and of course as I told Donna...the Chief of the Great Physician was in control the whole time!
Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!
Love Terry, and Rachel and the whole family!!


Julie said...

That's great news Terry! You must be so relieved that everything went well.

And of course she had all the chiefs...nothing but the best for one of God's kids!

Tell Betty I'm praying for of these days I'll have to do a "Donna" and come down there to visit you all!

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
thank you for bringing the good, good news about Betty.
The main "Chief of Staff" is in charge all the time.
We can rest assured of that.
Will of course continue to pray.
No need for you to go around and thank.To God belongs the honor, glory and power. Amen.
From Felisol

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Pat said...

I just been waiting to hear the good report. Can I get an AMEN!?!!

ron said...

Hi Terry,

It's great to hear the good news ? God has a wonderful way to gather His children together and show us His great mercies and love ?

grandpaw ron.

Saija said...

praise the Lord!!!