Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poor Little Doggie Has A Picnic with Her Friends

There you go Adi..You can eat all of the ice cream and chocolate cake and cupcakes that you want, but I must warn you to take a good look at the fat cat in the middle. You see, if you eat too much, your hot air ballooning days will be over.
Take a look at Little Montreal Girl's kitty.

He ate so much that he looks like a stuffed animal.
Miss Amrita's doggie Sheeba is gobbling up everything in sight!
That Lazy Cat of Little Montreal Girls is just eating himself into a frenzy and turning into another stuffed cat!
The only gentleman here is Saija and Leo's cat, Scooter.

You see, cats from Manitoba are always little, well mannered gentlemen. Actually they are more interested in having cat-naps than eating ice cream and cake.
Adi don't worry... the chocolate cake will be loaded with candles come September when all of your friends and Gramma and Grampa Jim and Katrin and BP and her Mom and Dad and Amber will be celebrating your birthday!!!

This is a picture of one sad looking doggie.
Now Grampa Jim is saying that Adi just adores ice cream and here she sits waiting for a dish of it! Why doesn't her grand daddy give her a bowl of it?
This picture is also two years old! Who knows that this poor little doggie ever gets a bowl of it now and then?
Now Grandpa Jim..You just have to start to treat my niece a little bit better or she will be running away to Canada, eh to stay with Bernie and me and Shopper. We will take her to the Dairy Queen and get her all the ice cream that her little heart desires !!!

Adi has her own blog....http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/2008/04/adi-about-me-little-meme.html


passing-thru said...

Funny stuff Terry

Amrita said...

Hi Adi you have a sister here in India. Sheeba adores ice cream. I gave her a some of it 2 nights ago, she can never have enough of it.

i 'll take a picture and send it to ya.

Terry said...

The more the merrier Auntie Amrita! Send Sheeba's mug shot over, along with the ice cream and some extra bowls.
Aunt Terry will squeeze her in somehow with "Picture It" and Grampa Jim can just eat his heart out!!!!
Maybe we will even add a chocolate cake here and have a party. I think my birthday is in September!
Oh!!! Princess can't come. She is looking after Uncle Grandpaw Ron!
Love Adi Can.

Jim said...

Hey Terry, six night out of seven Adi, and now Katrin, gets ice cream. I would say seven nights but we generally miss it for some reason once and a while. It is always just before bedtime.
You surely do good with your pictures! I may have to learn to do that.

Amrita said...

Oh Terry at last I found Sheeba with all her joyful friends and she is not suffering from jet lag too.

This is so sweet. i 'll put all of them on my blog too.

When is your birthday Terry? We must all cyber-celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Adi ~ I get an occasional little scoop of vanilla ice cream in the summer. I wonder why humans are so stingy with the stuff - it's like they think it's not very good for us.

I know about that whole chocolate is not for dogs thing. I've never even tasted chocolate and don't care a thing about it. But give me a raw carrot and I'm one happy hound!

I always enjoy your posts, so I'll try to catch up on the older ones, first! ~ Lucy-Maude

P.S. Thanks for the link to my Dog's Eye View blog in your March post.