Monday, August 18, 2008

For the amazing grace man, Grandpaw Ron.

As you know amazing grace man is recuperating at home after a painful operation on his hand and he is unable to do much with the computer other than to read our blogs and so I thought that I would put this lovely song, sung by Doug Oldham on for him to listen to.
Ron is a faithful friend and reader of us all! And he prays for us!
Best wishes dear friend that you and Princess will have a happy week.... Adi is too busy these days, Princess with her new little sister, Katrin. Mr. and Mrs. Jim are forever going out to fancy restaurants to eat and they leave the poor doggie to babysit!
Her pay? They bring her home a small doggie bag!


Sioux said...

Hi, Teresa, I have tagged you for the random meme. It's on my blog.

Corry said...

Terry, thank you for all you do, to remind us of all those who need prayer, an encouraging word, or are celebrating a special day.

We so appreciate your updates on Cole and Grandpaw. We hope to do the same for you one day.:-)

You reap what you sow and you have sown so much love and care! I am thankful our paths have crossed.

Have a very blessed day!!!


God's Grace.

Amrita said...

Yes that 's such a beautiful song. Reminds me of my Back to the Bible days,

Pray you VBS is going nicely Terry.

Its so important to teach young children about the faith.

Jessica said...

Hello Terry! I hope all is going well! I also hope that Mr. Ron heals quickly after his surgery! :) Love from us!

Jim said...

Wow! Terry, you will have the whole world thinking how terrible we, that Jim and Mrs. Jim, are to our little pets!
Those guys are spoiled rotten. How many dogs get Blue Bell Lite Homemade Vanilla ice cream every night before going to bed?
Who else had three beds to sleep in, goes for walks regularlly with the fellow she loves, etc, etc.

Now, Ron, I hope your hand heals quickly. I do pray for every one of your family and you especially right now with that hand.
Terry is so nice in reminding us all of prayer needs and of people's birthdays and anniversaries, etc. It is a wonder she doesn't try matchmaking for the singles.

Thank you, Terry. :-)

jel said...

has anybody hear how Grandpaw is doing?

oh and Terry, thank you for the pictures ya made for my birthday!
they were sweet!


Terry said...

Dear Jel...I haven't heard how our amazing grace man Grandpaw is doing.
I just wrote to his friend Brother Cloud and asked him for an update. I just hope the poor guy is not in a lot of pain. I know he is brave but I still don't like to think of his being in pain!

Jim you know right well that you just give my darling niece, Adi old hot dog buns. I never heard of her getting ice cream until you adopted that Katrin!!
Not nice!!!
And Adi doesn't have three beds to sleep in either. Her sister, Amber usually kicks her out of the bed right on to the floor!! And I just betcha that Katrin does too!!!..

Corry...I just couldn't help but to ask people to pray for Grandpaw. He has been such an encouragement to us all,eh? And Cole and Taylor and Cole's mom are our adopted family now!!.

Amrita...We grew up listening to Back to the Bible. Every Saturday morning we listened to Theodore Epp telling the stories of Danny Orlis!!.

Sioux... I will try and do that meme tonight!! Thanks for picking me!

Hi Jessica...Thanks for letting me use your good "family" post!!..Love Terry

Jim said...

OK Terry, you don't read all my blogs or you would have seen Adi getting ice cream.
In this picture, she is waiting for a second helping, you can see the ice cream drops still on the side of her white bowl.

From Adi Meme:
"My food likes? Most anything that is edible and that smells halfway good.
"My favorite food: Blue Bell Lite vanilla ice cream
"Food I dislike: Oranges"

Terry said...

Yes Mr.Jim...I did notice on Adi's profile that she does like that ice cream but it never says whether her grand-pappy is giving it to her though and she liked oranges well enough when she was visiting Bernie and I. We gave Princess sour canned apple sauce and we gave Adi sweet tangerine oranges and every morning she chowed down a fresh lemon. peel and all!!!
And as far as that picture. That could be nothing but a fake doncha' know?.........Love Terry