Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayer Request From Cole

Hello everyone!July28,2008
I know you are all praying for me but I have one more request could you please take a minute and pray for my momma too she is sick now, I think it is from stress she has all these bumps and itches and went to the doctor and they gave her some medicine but she is really needing prayer right now, she worries all the time and she still cries alot about my granny so I know that she is upset about that too. from Cole

I have put also on this post words that Cole has written about his granny. Precious words they are indeed!....Terry

Today is already starting to be a rough one, I know that my granny is in heaven but I wish I could see her again. We get up sometimes in the morning and I think about her alot but on some mornings it is so hurried that I really do not think alot about it. My granny used to let me stay with her and take me places. I always remember her telling me I could stay with her and we would go swimming. She also let me rent games and she would watch me play them. My granny was fun, she was not like her age she acted younger. I really miss her today. I have to ask God to help me through today so that I can look for tomorrow.

A Week Before Her Journey!July30,2007
In my previous post I mentioned how much I missed my Granny ! This is one of my favorite pictures that I cherish !
This photo was taken one week before she made her journey to be with our lord ? She died with a brain tumor that was cancerous and it had spread to her lungs ?
All of Granny’s life she always said that she didn’t want to suffer for a long period of time , I believe that God heard her request because she was diagnosed the last of January and We laid her to rest the last of May !
I thank my Sunday School teachers and Bro. Gordon for thier prayers , love , and concern .
Thanks everyone for your time to listen because I needed to share this part of my life !
With Love ,


passing-thru said...

Will be praying for Cole's mom today --

Thanks Terry

audrey` said...

It touched my heart...

Amrita said...

I tried commenting on this yesterday, but couldn 't as my internet vas choking up.

Yes I am praying for this precious family. Must be so hard for Cole 's Mom.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
my old blog address has been occupied by pornpirates. Please either remove my link or replace it with the new address. I have contacted blogger, but no help so far. Yours Felisol