Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For Miss Patty And Her Family

Last week Grampa Yade who is a great Sunday School story teller told us a great one in the evening gospel service
Keep in mind that every week Grampa Yade has little bags of candy that he makes up for the little kids and he hands them out to them afterwards.
Last week was different.It was Grampa's turn to preach.
He showed us a big plastic bag that he had brought with him and he took something out of it.
"See children. Here is a beautiful sea shell and I am going to give you each one at the door after the meeting. They are all different sizes and different colors.
Now what you see here is just what it is called..It is just a shell!
There used to be a living creature in this shell and now it is gone.
Just like the soul of a person. When a person dies, their soul is gone and the body they leave is just a shell. That soul will either go to heaven or hell. That is why it is very very important children that you are ready when death comes. Death comes at any age! You must have a clean heart. There is no sin allowed in heaven

"The blood of Jesus Christ his son cleanseth us from all sin."
When your heart is cleansed with the precious blood of Jesus, your soul will be ready for heaven and the shell that you leave behind will some day be reunited with your soul and spirit when the Lord comes to take us Home..FOREVER!"

Now as I listened to this, I could not help but think of Miss Patty and her family as they were bidding their dear Mother, Grandmother and Great Gramma so long.
Gramma T has left a beautiful shell behind but she is in heaven now and soon we shall all be there [ whoever has trusted the Lord].
We will all meet her in the morning!

Dearest T family you are ever in our thoughts and prayers!......Love Bernie and Terry


passing-thru said...


THOUGHTFUL TERRY - Blessings on your unique ministry

audrey` said...

Thank you so much for linking me =)
I'm so grateful.

Pat said...

Thank you Terry, that was so thoughtful and touched my heart deeply. We returned a while ago from laying my mother in law's funeral. Sara's husband sang "Amazing Grace", which was Mom's favorite song.
One day we will be reunited in that beautiful land where there is no sorrow...what joy that will be!

Terry said...

Dear Miss Patty.
I was working on this post during the funeral. I would have loved to have been with you all and so this is the closest thing I could do so I would feel like I was there.
You are so right that soon we will all be reunited in that beautiful land and there will be no more parting! And no more pain or sorrow!!..
Sara is a good girl. I would have loved to have heard her sing Amazing Grace. Her grandmother would have been so proud...Love Terry

Terry said...

It was Sara's husband that sang. Well his Grandmother S would have been proud of HIM too!!..Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Blessings Terry ,

This post blessed me . I have been carrying a pocketful of dum-dum-pops for the little ones to have after church , only if they behaved for as long as I can remember ? I know the joy in Grampa Yade's heart from the little ones smiles ? Good story about the sea shells !

Mrs Patty will be praying for you and your family .


Amrita said...

This really stirred me up so much Terry.

Thank you for Grandpa Yade 's story.Beautiful demosration of a truth, I"ll never forget it.

I 'll put a sea shell on my coffee table as a reminder.

Mrs Trent 's life vas a blessing to her family and everyone around her.She has joined the great cloud of vitnesses.

maryt/theteach said...

Hi Terri, Jim sure is a good guy! THanks for your comment on Ruby Tuesday. :)

Jim said...

Hi Terry, I like Loretta Lynn a whole lot, especially that song. I did put a note on Paddy's blog, thanks for the heads up. I know it is hard for them.
Speaking of being hard, we lost a very dear friend tonight at 6:35 of cancer of the liver. We have been friends for over nine years. Her husband died about a year and a half ago. She is the one who made a death bed acceptance of Jesus's blessings for her last week.
Guess I'll have to see what you said about me on Mary's blog. Thank you, it must have been nice.