Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nineteen Years Married..Jel and Stan

Although it is three days early, I find I have a little time so I thought that I would wish our Sunshine and her husband Stan a very Happy Anniversary.
The way life has been lately, sometimes I haven't a whole lot of time to be at the computer, so I decided that in case I haven't the time before July 1st, I had better have this done ahead of the game!
That's OK...If everyone knows three days early, then everybody can make their way up to Jel's blog and wish her a very Happy Nineteenth Anniversary!
She surely deserves it for all the sunshine and happiness that she brings into our lives and so does her husband, Stan because of his sharing his own little sweetheart with so many of us!
I thought about this song as I was thinking about this special couple.
Bernie and I dedicate it to them!
God bless you both Jel and Stan, two of His own dear children........Love Bernie and Terry


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS JEL --------------
39 for me this August -- many happy years for U and Stan --

Terry said...

Aha...You let the cat out of the bag Passing-thru...August has been printed down now for Bob and Joanne!!..Love Terry

PS Yessss!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy anniversary wishes to Jel and Stan. Miss Terry must have quite a full calendar and a time keeping track of her best wishes ... she does a fabulous job!

Terry ... I had to go back to see if I really said (on Amrita's) blog that I found hugging my dog a stress reliever ... and there in print it is exactly as you said ... I guess we both have mellowed out with age (the dawg and me). She is a very loyal companion. Hugs from me.

donna said...

congrats Jan

wow Terry...that made me cry...
I love to dance to that song or at least I used to

I am one hopeless romantic !!

Hi passing-thru nice to see you again!

Jim said...

Terry, thanks for the heads up once again! I will be out of pocket (maybe the 1st so will do the wish now)
Happy Anniversary JEL and Stan!

Terry said...

Ha Jim...I was just over at your place and here you were at mine!
You are so faithful. I knew that you would be popping up just any time now to say Happy Anniversary to our Sunshine and her darlin'...Love Terry

jel said...

Thanks for the wishes, everyone!

and Sweet T, thank 4evey thing,

wish i could hear the song, but takes , 30mins on my pc to any thing on utube,


grandpaw. said...

Hey Janice and Stan,

Happy aniverssary to ya'll. You may think I have forgot ya'll but I won't never forgot any of my good friends ! I wish you and Stan many more years together.

Blessings to ya'll.

Saija said...

she's catcing up to us old timers, isn't she? :o)

Anonymous said...

off to work -- nice words and story U left Donna on her site Terry --------
"Good Stuff" --

Felisol said...

Dear Jel & Stan,
happy anniversary.
Hope tomorrow brings you the sun and happiness to crown your jubilee.
Terry is right; you are a caring woman, always there to encourage.
May the Lord's rewards be poured richly over you.

Passing-thru Bob,
I am so happy to see your comments of hope and love all over blog-land.
I wish you blessings over your days now and forever.
Yours Felisol