Monday, June 23, 2008

To Little Pilgrim Pal & Little Montreal Girl

Our deep sympathy goes out to you Little Pilgrim Pal and Little Montreal Girl at the "going Home" of your dear Dad.
May the Lord wrap His loving arms around your Mom and your family.....Love Mr. and Mrs. Shirkie


Amrita said...

My heart goes out to you Little Pilgrim.The Lord is near you and your family at this time. Love and embraces from your sister in Christ.

Felisol said...

Dear Little Pilgrim &Montreal Girl,
My heart felt condolences and deepest sympathy to your family.
I am praying for comfort and strength for all of you.
From Felisol

Saija said...

may you find that weeping only endures for the night ... but joy comes in the morning ...

your dad is free from his earthly pains ... i just pray that your sorrow might be tempered with that that ...


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa, i'm from Toronto what i lovely blogger,full of peace and love, greetings to your family Orange Broom.

Terry said...

Dear Orange Broom...Thanks for stopping by and thank you for your nice comment.
Do you have a blog?
I have a couple of sisters who live in Toronto.
Have a good night now and take Terry

Anonymous said...

What can I say ----
May HIS PEACE enter and sustain you girls and your family ---
Am so sorry for your loss ---passing-thru

Terry said...

Dear Passing-thru...I really miss you!....Love Terry

Felisol said...

Dear Passing thru,
I don't ever know if I have thanked you enough for being there day after day, week after week in my deepest sorrow last summer.
Just to read my name highlighted, when you summoned up the prayers for the week-end and placed me in front of the Lord!
I cannot fully express how I felt cared for and strengthened by the time I became a fatherless child.

I pray that the Lord will highly reward you and bless you for being so good.

From Felisol

Anonymous said...

To U all that say such nice things to this man , thankyou -- I have failed more than I have helped, I feel ---
I never check in here or at pilgrim pals , so when I did yesterday and seen the loss for LPP, I felt that it was a "God Thing" so I left my condolences here -- again , Thanking U All for such nice words and memories of days gone by --- passing-thru

Anonymous said...

Passing thru, dear, I don't see how u have failed anywhere! you were a dear friend to me when i needed one, that is for sure, and was always ready to talk with me and all the pals and encouraged us so much. Thank u from the bottom of my heart!!!! I pray you'll come back again, one day.

Love and Prayers,

Terry said...

Dearest Passing-thru
Look at the June 2nd post on Pilgrims Pal. You are there along with all of the other Pals and none of us has forgotten you.
You were there right from the beginning.
I tried to do what you so faithfully did EVERY evening...remember? You listed all the prayer requests, never leaving out one.
Needless to say I failed so badly and just couldn't handle it although Vicki did her hardest to encourage me.
No, that job that you did just left too big of a shoe to fill!
Donna has a great prayer blog that helps us remember people but I am sure that she would surely appreciate your help!
Like I said...I really miss you pal, and miss Joanne and Margaret too!....Love Terry

I have tried to email you so many times but since I changed to Cogeco, the letters all come back!
It is not a pretty sight!

Terry said...

PS Passing-thru.
It was a year ago last week that I smashed my face in! Remember?
Well when I fell that time, even before I let Bernie take me to the hospital, I had to email my friend Passing-thru and ask for him to pray for me.
Well usually a person is in the Welland Emergency for ten hours before they are even looked at.
Well this girl was in, looked at and stitched up with a dozen stitches and on her way home in less than an hour!!!
I call THAT a miracle!!
Ha Strawberry Short Cake,eh?
It will be the frosty Friday that I ever look a strawberry straight in the face again...No Siree!!!!Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Terry ----- :-)
ah yes , the Frosty Friday stuff -
LPP & Montreal Girl , may your steps be strengthened -- Felisol and the Donnas and Vicki & Saija & the Pilot Mom etc. etc. many kind friends , good memories and battles royal -
Lord Bless, till we chat again --
passing-thru Bob

donna said...

passing thru...please stop over to my blog and tell me what happened to your email addy....i have tried so many comments dont get published unless i approve them... would love to know how you and Joanne are and I would just love to send you all about LPP.....please may I hear from you....


donna said...

thank you my friend.....

and I shall praise God for that bit of nudging....which made my heart is so happy to hear from you. Please stop by anytime, any hour...

Hugs and prayers to you and Joanne, all of your family....

In Christ

P.S. you can always request a new one ya know. I shall pray for/with you about it.

hebrews 11:1 said...

oh it's sooo good to see PT back again here! i know a lot of good will come out of these touch times for my family in life, and just to see PT here makes me happy!


Terry said...

It is soooo good Little Pilgrim Pal and you know what? That Mrs. Butler and Mr Mackay are miracle workers!!..Love Mrs. Shirkie

Oh and the sweet voice of Passing-thru...What a blessing THAT is!!!

Amanda said...

Just thought I'd drop a quick note for you. I saw your comment on Jessica's blog, and I felt bad because it has been sooooo long since I commented on your blog. I confess I don't peek over here very often, but I will try to remember to stop in say Hi on occasion.

We have been very busy with all our goings on her in KS - what with the move and all my family drama (most of which I can't post about because of privacy issues). I am praying that soon things will get back to a more routine kind of life around here by the end of summer.

I hope you are having a great summer - and I pray that God sends you many blessings!!

Love and hugs from your Kansas friend,