Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Arlene...A Day Late!

Now I just know that this is a low blow and I am not really sure if I have guessed it right but I have a strong suspicion that it is Arlene's birthday today!
I just now took this picture off of her site and the only clue left behind on her post is that someone who has her secret number has hacked into her blog and posted birthday greetings. Well maybe it was that Barry, but my suspicious mind kind of wonders if it is Sara.
Sara is the dear girl that introduced us all to Arlene, so I really do think that it might be her.
Anyways, if it IS Arlene's birthday and I wait to be corrected if it is NOT then I think that instead of commenting on The Canadian Blogger that everyone should just high tail it over to
"By His Stripes" and wish that Arlene a Happy 95th birthday!

Oh!! Oh!! I was WRONG! It IS Arlene's birthday but it was Amber who posted!!
Sorry about that Chief!!


Pat said...

Happy Birthday Arlene!
Amber, what would we do without you to remind us of your mom's birthday - way to go!

Amber Land said...

You can give Sara credit, I don't even mind :) My poor mother is actually the same age as you according to your profile. My seven year old asked how old she was and I told her, apparantly she rounded up to 60 then counted 60,70,80,90,100 one on each of her five fingers and said...Wow Mom in five years Granny will be 100. Which I thought was too funny not to share, I was going to let my Mother explain it in her own words but from the sound of her comment on her blog she wasn't paying attention when I told her the story. Oh well now everyone thinks she really is 95 and I find that funny and enjoyable!