Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Snow Day For My Georgian Country Friend

I am on my way to prayer meeting so I have no other choice but to say...


Well, here I am back again and I am sure that Grandpaw will like this picture better than the first one I put in and I think that I do too!!

Now Ron wanted Bernie and I to send him some rain down his way to the Georgia county side but alas, the rain here has turned itself into snow and that is all we can offer to cool him and his family off!

I hope that in exchange he will be sending to Southern Ontario some warm weather and if Jel could send the sunshine then we will be all set!!

You can find the "Amazing Grace Man", Ron by going to my comment section and clicking on to RRBJ.....As of yet I haven't asked Noel Lewis to put him on to my favorite links...

Don't tell that Ron but he has one awesome site!!
Remember now my blogging friends...mum's the word!!
And YOU, Grandpaw..Don't you DARE say a word!!!


grandpaw said...

If you post this on ebay you had better give him half the profit ? If you give me $20.00 I could tell you where you could have got a better photo in less than 5 minutes ? Have a nice evening ! Grandpaw?

Terry said...

Aw Grandpaw...I think this picture is very nice.
How could you beat it!
This is a very kind face and it will do.
Besides it is the only one that I could find.
This guy NEVER posts pictures on his blog.
If you WOULD like to send me a different one, you know my emaii address!!!....Terry

I NEVER have even been on ebay...The only thing I do with my computer is writng to my friends and blogging and making pictures and dvds!!

jel said...

sorry Terry all I got is the same weather ya got!

grandpaw. said...

Good morning up there in the cold country, we didn't get any rain, but 45/70 degree temps already ? Well you got to do some more digging because that is a picture of me [ Grandpaw ]! I shore do hope them northern folks don't mind seeing what a South Georgia redneck looks like and forms only good opinions ! Have a good day ! Grandpaw ?

rrbj said...

Very good picture but Did you hide me some Easter Eggs , I love the woods , back before I got where I can't walk , I used to just about stay in woods or fishing in the river ! We done started get the effects of the snow down here . Temps. is supposed to be 40/69 tonight and tommorrow and Sat. night going to be 35/50 temps for Sunday ! Blessings to you and Bernie. Ron.

Terry said...

Dear Ron, rrbj, grandpaw, and Jel....We have a white Good Friday... NOT nice! Terry

rrbj said...

Wishing ya'll a Happy Easter and when I enjoy these Loquats that I picked yesterday off my tree I think of you and bernie ! That is the first fruit that always ripens first every year! I think it will be safe to say that this will be the last cold snap for us cause we always say one more cold snap before Easter ? Don't that look like two intelligent looking men you got posted in them pictures ? Kinda makes them pictures worth something ? Blessings. Ron.

Terry said...

Yes they DO look like intelligent gents Ron!
As I look at them,this verse comes to mind..Proverbs 16:31
"The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness."
And by reading your blog "Amazing Grace" man, I can see that THAT is the path you are on...God bless you!...From Terry

jel said...

we got a cold one!

and I like the in picture ya did,
of grandpaw!