Thursday, March 08, 2007

Got milk?

I found this on Jeanette's site and thought it was so cute that I posted it to my blog.
I am hoping that Jammie J. and me will be still friends after my swiping this!!
Time will tell.....


Terry said...

Dear Jeanette...I hope it was with your permission that I could post this to my blog. It asked me if I wanted to and I WANTED to!!
Is it alright?... let me know OK?..

Oh I know I am a picture thief but NOW I am a VIDEO thief.
Aw shucks Jenaette!.. Now people who don't visit your blog will surely know what they are missing!....Love Terry

Sabine said...

Dear Terry, just stopping by to say 'hello' and wondering how you are doing and what you are up to these days (other than stealing images and videos, I mean ;). The snow is melting in my part of the world. The tippy-tops of the crocuses are poking through the ground in the warmer spots. Ooo... I just can't wait for spring!

Terry said...

Oh dear Sabine..I have been thinking of you so often and it is so nice to hear from you!

It is still cold here but you have just warmed my heart!
I hope that you are feeling a bit better and that your pain isn't as bad.

I know I AM quite a thief, eh? I am reaaly waiting to hear from that Jeanette.
That girl never leaves home withut her camera so she sure get some good pictures and good videos.

Speaking of vidoes , did you know Sabine , that Jenette Okes has a fourth DVD is out? We picked up a copy at Walmarts. It is called. "Love's Abiding Joy".

Take care now and God's blessings on you my dear friend...Love Terry

Jammie J said...

LOL, you're funny. I think it's only "stealing" if you don't tell on yourself. You left a trail a mile wide, my dear friend.

Wasn't that an amazing video? The kitties were SO excited about the milk and they get it every morning and every night! :) They live a good life.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to keep an eye out for that video! Walmart has been trying to set up shop in this town for a few years now. Maybe Zellers will have it.

Yes, I am starting to feel somewhat better again. Thanks. And you?

eija said...

Oh, wow... I'm speechless...

Anonymous said...

Meow! Your "borrowed" copy of the cat video is cute! You have left a "trail" a few miles wide should you ever get convicted of "borrowing" pics :) I'll come to your defense and tell the judge that you were just trying to spread a little sunshine to folks during the cold dark days of winter. Better come clean before summer though, cuz the judge might not be so understanding (lol)
Mrs. Mac ... in between packing my boxes

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture!!! I'm glad you shared! :)


Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Wow thats alot of cats!!!