Monday, March 05, 2007

Good News From A Far Country

Here he is! The pilgrim himself, sitting at the desk of CL Lewis in England!
For sure, HE sits in the sun and here we, most of us anyway[Jeanette and Susan Walker are basking in the sun too] are fighting the cold winter snow!!

Anyways, it has been a few days since we heard from David Fisher but he has finally got through.
I have taken these pictures from his blog pilgrimscribblings and the Fish of course has labeled them all on his blog site, so I think I will let you visit him there and find them.!

Today, David sent two short but sweet messages to his blog.

The first one, at 3:15pm "I'm back finally!" refers to his success in being able to make a posting at last!

The second short message at 4:02pm says, "Mission Accomplished!"

In other words David Warren Fisher, the Pilgrim has finally realized his dream in seeing his beloved hero, George Muller's orphanages!
He is apparently spreading the good word to people over there in Bristol who have never known about this noble man, George Muller and in telling these dear English people the story, it will give our pilgrim the chance of telling them about George Muller's great God!

Good for you David!! And good for Carol and the family for giving you their blessing to go!!

Carry on our beloved brother and please don't forget to come home!!......from Terry


jel said...

very cool pictures!

Saija said...

i was thinking that David sure had wonderful weather for his trip, while the rest of you in that area have had the yuckiest of stuff!!!

i'm glad for david ... but :o( for you all!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Miss Terry, I saw you only had two comments on this post and thought you might be needing a quick hello from your crazy little friend in Idaho. Are you hibernating? At Lady Kate's palace? Keeping busy?

Jim said...

Wonderful pictures that David sent. I know he is enjoying his holiday.
I think that night picture was taken from the "Big Eye?"