Sunday, November 12, 2006

My Dad is Eighty Years Old Today

This Sunday was a very special day for the Golden family.
My father Cecil Wallace Golden celebrated his 80th birhday.

How did he celebrate?

Well...He did just what he usually does on a Sunday's afternoon.
He made a delicious Sunday dinner for mom, Gracie, Bernie and me.
This he loves to do EVERY week!

Later in the afternoon, Betty will be bringing over a cake for him.

The picture at the top is one that I took of dad three weeks ago while he was talking to my sister Gail, who lives in New Market.
Gail is his favorite daughter just as each one of his other five girls are his favorite daughter.!
He has three favorite sons too, although one of them, David is in heaven.

The next picture is one that I took today of my mom and dad.

The following pictures are ones that I snapped with my camera, as they posed for me hanging from the wall!

When Dad was 21, he married his sweetheart Edna Kathaleen Wells who was 17.
They had nine children who to this day STILL love them very much and consider themselves very blessed to still have them in their lives.

Dad served his country for many years working for the Canadian Air Force.
He always had to work two or three other part time jobs also just to clothe and feed his children.

He has always been a dedicated father and although he rarely had enough money for himself he always made sure that his wife and children and then later the grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren were looked after.

I was told by a relative that Dad sold his fishing rod one time just so that he could buy us food.

My dad never owned a house but he was in our eyes a success!
We love him dearly.

Our only heartache is this...My dad is not yet saved.
If a person could earn their way to heaven with good works, I know that he would surely be there but as we know, the only way to heaven is through the Lord Jesus Christ who gave his life for us on the cross.

We pray that my dad will get saved..

Happy Birthday Dad!

Wess and Susan.. I gave your message to my dad today. I wished him a "Happy Birthday" from you and I told him that you have both him and Miss Katy in your "prayer basket".


Saija said...

aww, you made me teary ...

happy birthday to your dad ... he sounds WONDERFUL ...

"Lord, may your salvation be found by this dear soul ... "

my dad died at 72 (5 years ago) ... and i don't know if i will see him one day ? i hope i will - but only heaven holds that answer ...

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. He looks great for 80...I hope I look that good. If it helps I prayed for my parents for their salvation for 32 years!! It finally happened and I had nothing to do with it except to plant the seeds several times. They are both 82 and 86 now. Still alive and happy... Sandy

Terry said...

Dear Sandy and Saija...Thanks so much for your encouraging remarks...Love Terry

Jammie J. said...

Happy Birthday to Cecil Wallace Golden. I hope he has many years to go, I have an aunt who turns 104 this coming week. Wow. And I pray he finds the Lord.


Wendy WaterBirde said...

Hi Terry, I know many don't share this belief, but I dont think our will/decision is necessarily needed to be saved. We can also just simply recieve it I feel, be given it, be rescued, whether we do our part and say yes or not. God has "override" lol. At least that is what I feel. And it sounds like your father is an amazing soul, who has been a blessing to his family and would also be a blessing in heaven!

Terry said...

Thank you Wendy..

I just wonder if that is rain or tears that are falling on this little bird in your picture, and who is he looking for as he sits on that bare branch?

J. has just come back from a funeral of her dear cousin's husband and I am feeling so sad for her that my heart is full of tears and here I am thinking of my dear dad and my heart is even fuller...

"Choose ye this day whom you will serve" and when my dad DOES receive this just like you are saying dear Wendy, there will be so much joy in heaven!!

Thank you so much for coming over...

Thank you also little Jeanette whose name means "God is Gracious"[and so He IS!]..... Love Terry

Susan Adams said...

Mr. Cecil--What a handsome dude!!
Wess and I both enjoyed the wonderful pictures of your families history.

The basket gets heavy as I mentally carry it around while I travel with my husband as he shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ in song, but the rewards are great. There are so many needs in our world today. Broken hearts and bodies needing healing. Hearing and seeing the Miracles that take place from prayer is wonderful and very uplifting.

God gives us "free will" and we must excercise that Will in choosing.

I shall keep Mr. Cecil right there in the front upper corner of that mental basket, real close to Miss Katy. Just so I will not overlook that prayer. OK!

With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

Julie said...

Happy (belated) birthday wishes for your dad Terry! Turning 80 is a great accomplishment, and even greater than that is his lovely family!

Great pictures as usual...thanks for sharing and making me feel like a part of your family...maybe one of these days I'll make it down your way!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Terry's Dad!!! From Jessica and Ty =) Too bad you couldn't have eaten with Ty while he was there at your McDonalds!

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Keep on praying for him ... never give up. My grandpa got saved when he was in his 80's ... and my father-in-law on his death bed ... as long as he's alive, there's hope. He certainly sounds like a great dad and a wonderful provider for his rather large family ... you've been blessed, haven't you!

jel said...

Hi Terry,
hope your dad had a great HBD,

jel said...

sent you and e-mail

Carol said...

This was lovely..beautiful memories in your photographs....My dad had his 80th recently, sadly he spent it in hospital recovering from a stroke.. and also he has dementia so did not remember we had visited...

My dad has not been saved also.. I pray for him and hope that he hears them... And I'll pray for your dad also...

Maggie Ann said...

What wonderful pictures and a Belated Happy Birthday to your wonderful Dad. Praying just now that the Lord will speak to his heart about salvation. I loved seeing your photos! It must be wonderful to have such a large loving family. Ours is very small. Guess what? I finally got you in my sidebar, so now I can visit more often without hunting for you in my comments. Whew! This will be so much nicer. Blessings to you Terry from your blogging friend Maggie.

Pilot Mom said...

Terry, this is my first visit to your blog. I feel that I should have been here much sooner especially since you have been such a dear to drop in and visit me. :)

A Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad. I have begun praying for his salvation. My FIL came to know the Lord about 3 weeks before he died. We used to have many discussions over the years. I'm so grateful we will see him again.

How different it was for me because I grew up in a Christian home. My father was one of the godliest men I knew. What helps me cope with his going home is we will be reunited! What joy that will be!

Thank you so much for sharing your pics. They are truly beautiful! I'm going to peek around in some of your archives, if I may, and get to know you a little bit better!

Blessings Friend!