Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Praying For Betty

Tonight I borrowed this picture from David Fisher's blog site[pilgrimscribblings.blogspot.com], who himself had borrowed it from my friend Saija..."Thro'a glass darkly" [saija.blogspot.com]

I wanted to put this verse up here because Betty is having fears about going to Hamilton tomorrow for her angiogram and I am praying that the Lord will give her peace just when she needs it.

I am going to print out this posting and the posting before this with all the beautiful comments of all the people who are praying for her.
I will put it into an envelope and when she opens it, it will be a really nice "Get Well" card for her.

Thanking you all again for all your prayers..

Thanks David Fisher and Saija for the lovely verse!!....Love Terry


Amanda said...

Dear Betty,
I may not know you, but am praying that God will give you peace and fast healing!! I happen to know he still works miracles! So even when things seem their worst, smile, because God does take care of His children...

Your sister Terry sure cares a lot about you! I wish I'd had a sister, but in Heaven I'll have lots and lots!! Take care!

~Amanda~ "Friend of Terry"

Mrs. Mac said...

Terry, I'm glad those words comforted you. When my youngest son with Down syndrome was born and being transported to a big university hospital, our pastor stopped by the hospital and prayed for life. Then a dear friend called and said, "don't believe everything the doctors tell you." I clung to these two simple acts when doctors gave my son a 2% chance to survive. I was prepared for the worst ... but clung to the hope that God is mightier than everyone else.

Susan Adams said...

Terry, So sorry to hear about Miss Betty. I have been unable to keep up with your Blog and I just checked today and was so sorry and will pray for your precious sister. This world is only temperary, heaven is our home. I know Miss Betty is ready in her heart, but we want her to be well in body where you can enjoy many years of sisterhood.
With the Joy of Jesus Inside,

Saija said...

hope all went well with Betty ... i know what a concern it is when loved ones go through tests and "stuff" ...