Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Autumn Glory

This Saturday as I left palace, I thought it best that I should take some pictures of the grounds, fearing that the weather would finally take away the splendor of the autumn leaves before my return on Tuesday evening.

These are some of the pictures that I took.
As I said, "some".
It was really hard to choose which ones to post as the whole land was just ablaze with the richest and warmest tints that God has at His disposal to use..
I think these pictures will show a little of how lovely the palace grounds looked this week.

Will it be the LAST weekend of Fall?
We shall see!


Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

Good Morning!! Yes she looks very happy in this picture!! It has suddenly decided to turn off cool here in the SouthEastern part of the USA. We got up this morning to 42 degrees!! That is quite cool for us here...going from 79 to 42. I heard that the high today was only going to reach 67!! Thanks for all of your comments. I need to get a picture of Miss Lucy out there for you but this week I have the grandkids and that is about what is going on for now!! They are doing great so far...This is day 2!! Take care. Your pictures are great as always..Sandy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Fall Pictures of Miss Katy's castle. She is also looking quite chipper as well. You have a real knack for photos. With the Joy of Jesus Inside,
Susan Adams

Noel said...

Once again, your captivating pictures have found themselves modeling as my desktop display. They are so beautiful. Miss Katy, I kneel before you. May you have a wonderful day.

Nancy said...

Thanks for your kind comments at my blog. I love your pictures... what a tribute to fall and God's beautiful world. Cananda is a beautiful place. Stop back by.

Maggie Ann said...

Queen of the Castle...what a lovely thing to be and yes, she does look like the Queen she is. Wonderful pictures Terry, wish you were my neighbor too...guess you are in a 'blogging' way...smile.

Jammie J. said...

Spectacular is the word that comes to mind with respect to those pictures.

Jessica said...

Hi Terry from our little white house! Miss Katy does look like quite the Queen of her palace! I guess Ty gets to be the Prince of our little white house. haha...Lovely pictures! I enjoyed them as always!!! Jessica (your American friend)
Did I tell you that I got to touch my toes into Canada once???
*Ty and Ryan say hello!!!!

Terry said...

Ha! Jessica..Did I ever tell YOU that Betty and I jumped into the ocean In North Carolina once dresses and all??
And it was in November?!!
Man did those Americans ever think we were crazy Canucks!!!
We were on a bus full of people who were going to a quartet concert. The bus had stopped for a short break and most of the others wanted to go shopping.
SHOPPING!! Can you just imagine it? With a whole ocean just calling to us, waiting to be jumped into!!
I mean really, one can go shopping just any old time but this was the first time I had ever seen the OCEAN!!
And you are saying you just got your toes wet in Canada? Ha!!!....Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Lady Katherine must be enjoying her company ... she wears a very kind smile and radiates beauty from a time long ago. Your pictures will bring you joy when winter snows have frosted over the land with their sting ... then you can remember the autumn that was and be warm and content in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!!


Amber said...

terry, once again, I LOVE the pic's you take! it's just beautiful! Amber