Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Lady In The Hat

Today, when we were visiting my father and mother, I took this picture of the lady of the house who was looking over her numerous WINTER hats.
Hats with ribbons!
Hats with feathers!

I think she is rushing the season if you ask me.
I, for one do not even like to THINK about winter!!

Most of the hats you see here are hats that mom has rescued from second hand shops and made into works of art with her own loving hands!
Hats that are every color of the rainbow!
Hats enough to go with any outfit!

Perched on my mother's head is the sylish hat that she purchased a few weeks ago.
A NEW hat!

Peeking through the doorway is the master of the house, smiling at the bed full of hats!

This is just a small number of the hats that mom owns because in the hat closet beside her are living a couple of dozen SPRING and SUMMER hats!!
Hats with flowers!
Hats with lace!

As you can see, "My mother is a lady of many hats"!


Anonymous said...

Soo cute, Terry!! I like that bright pink one there! :) I like hats too, but rarely wear them.


Maggie Ann said...

I love this picture of your Mom and her wonderful hat collection!! Her hats are beauties and its remarkable that she has 'rescued' some for her collection. I just bought a winter 'felted' hat the other day at a craft festival.And I have 2 vintage hats that are special to me. Once in a local furniture store they had a 'hat' lamp...a real hat sitting on top of a wire frame. Oh how I wanted But, I came home and enjoyed my pink hat, perched over a small lamp shade...and it lit up just nicely. Its nice to think of you and your Mom wearing & enjoying hats! Marilla Cuthbert would certainly approve, wouldn't she...=) Hope you've had a good day!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, I love it that you have the American flag with your Canadian flag...that touched my heart dear blogger friend! Five years isn't very long if you are mourning a loved one lost in the 911 attack that we had here. I remember my daughter calling me up that day to tell me she loved me just in case...~~~~And I liked hearing about your Mom washing your hair with dish detergent..and at least you had greaseless hair...grin. Hope you've had just the best kind of day! Rest up and relax with me...(thats what I'm doing right now!)

Maggie Ann said...

Terry, you are such a sweetheart and what a loyal friend/sister to us in the States. May freedom ring and may God give our troops victory again and again over our enemies. United we stand...blessings to you dear Terry.

Julie said...

Wow...that is some hat collection! I don't own hats, because quite frankly, I don't look good in hats, so your mother is lucky that she can "pull off the look"!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Boy, have a few hats...You have a lovely mother too!! Nice that you took a picture to share it with all of us. Thanks...

Sabine said...

So, so much like Miss Fanny, as I wrote before! Have you seen Jan Karon's book "Miss Fanny's Hat"? I can't find the post I commented on last time so I don't know if you answered.

I don't look good in hats but if I did I'd want a whole collection, too!

Mrs. Mac said...

I popped over from Maggie Ann's ... Your mom's hat collection is lovely. And thanks for sharing about your affection for the USA and flying the red white and blue so often. I live just a bit south of the US/Canadian border and often see the White and Red Maple Leaf flag waving. I too noticed a bit of fall colors amongst the trees today ...

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, thanks for stopping by before you left for the evening...warmest wishs to you too for a happy evening. I will be coating my homemade peppermint patties with white chocolate and then practising my cello after I clean up the kitchen. I made lasagna for supper, but I am a very messy cook...=), yes, I really am!

Amber said...

Hey terry!
I Haven't heard from you in forever! I always look forward to hearing from one of you all! Just was checking in. And my oh my.. what alot of hats! I think I could do that , but with shoes! haha
Have a great day!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Terry, I saw you left a note on my home building blog. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit. I'll try to pop on over more often :)

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Terry, so Katy is 86...what must that be like I wondor. Does she still live at home? She sounds very special..thanks for coming by to visit me at my blog..I enjoy this new friendship we have..=). I hope you are feeling more rested now. I tire quickly doing anything! I'd better move along, you know how these computers eat time up...=). Hope you have a pleasant day! "The least little thing makes me happy today, In my mood of unreasoning glee--Oh my, but I'm glad that I'm nobody else, Because its such fun to be me!" R.McCann ...leaving a happy thought for you =) & true for each of us, sometime or another!

Sabine said...

Thank you, dear Terry, for leaving such kind wishes on my blog. I have hidden my comments for now as I'm trying to limit my computer time but they are still there. I hope all is well for you. Don't work too hard. You have some long hours!

Terry said...

Sabine you little darling!! I will miss commenting to you!!
Hope all is well with you and that the pain is better!!
As for me I am in a llttle pain myself.. Ha!!
I will have to wait till tomorrow evening to even visit some of my favorite people in Blog Land!!..Love Terry

Jessica said...

Hi Terry! I came over to enjoy more of your lovely pictures! Ty and I always enjoy browsing. He sits on my lap during the day and just watches. It's cute. I love the picture of your momma with all those hats. I LOVE hats and used to wear them all the time. I haven't in a while...maybe I'll get one out and wear it! ;) Hugs, Jessica