Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mr. Sun Says Good Night On A Tuesday Evening

For some reason my client wanted me to take some pictures of the sunset this Tuesday.

"It is a while since you took any", she explained.

"Of course I will! I don't mind at all!"

And I am GLAD I did!

Before turning my camera's eye to the lake which was already on fire with the dazzling rays of the sun, I looked up the shady lane and noticed a few splashes of sunlight on the wood pile and on a few small trees.

The grass by the lake seemed to be on fire too with all the sun's brightness, so as I took one picture, I thought to myself that THIS scene deserved ANOTHER shot from a different angle.

I could not help but notice the huge trees on the lawn getting a large piece of the action, so the camera snapped again!

The shore was not as golden as usual but I thought maybe I better take a picture of that also, and as I did, I noticed one lone boat on the lake taking in the last of the sun's glory and that rascal of a sun was hiding in a tree and trying to peek in on the young couple who were enjoying their selves in the cool of the evening.

A lonely duck was taking a cool bath before he would be climbing into bed for the night, for after all it HAD been a very hot day!

Well, as the sun was finally telling us all Goodnight; the lane, the trees, the boaters, the duck and I, he quietly whispered into my ear, "Don't forget to visit the full moon tomorrow! I hear that it is going to be one spectacular sight!"

"Alas", I thought to myself, "Tomorrow is my day off! I won't be here!"

"Well Goodnight Mr. Sun", I said out loud. "We will have to leave that ONE SPECTACULAR sight for Betty to take care of!"

And I know she can be trusted to do just that!


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures, Terry!!!!! I love the one with the canoe, and the very last one--sooo pretty!!!


Lauren-Mary said...

Hi Terry-

Those are stunning pictures!

Thanks for your comments on my blog; I really appreciate the support (and the stories!). Being a Christian at my age is very hard, so it's good to have a place to let it all out, and even better to know that people are reading and cheering me on! '
I'll give your waterbottle trick a try on my cat; keep your fingers crossed it works!

Thanks again-


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