Monday, July 04, 2011

Adi, Amber and Katrina Fly to Canada


when i asked adi's father, mr.jim if i could fly the three girls[adi, amber and katrina] over to our southern ontario, canadian home to celebrate july 4th day with us, he was more than willing but alas!..i don't think he asked his kids if they agreed!
i had to wake adi up!

i had to use a fire cracker to wake up katrina...


and i had to yank that lazy red amber right out of her cozy bed!

poor little adi-girl had to take a bath because an air plane pilot has to be spanking clean!...and she had just had a bath in may for memorial day!..alas! alas!

big sister bp gave adi and katrina strict instructions to look after their passports and to always have a keen eye on their sister, amber!

guard the passport and guard what was inside of it!

adi's mugshot..

amber's pretty little face...

and katrina's mug shot!!

judging by her grouchy face, adi sure didn't appreciate "a getting out of bed early day", "a bath day" and "an instruction day"...after all wasn't this suppose to be a HOLIDAY!!..not a getting out of bed early day, not a bath day and certainly NOT a school day!

all in all as adi flew her sisters over the canadian border, she seemed happier and so did the other two girls...all of them had such chic hats!..all of them would show those canadians how to dress, huh?

we welcomed the texans with fire works and we hoped that they liked them...american july 4th fire works that were googled over from google images!

oh dear! as reality struck in, amber was really getting home sick.. even though i did get mr. and mrs. jim on bernie's lap certainly did NOT work!
made matters worse in fact!

amber, and katrina, heeding bp's instructions to keep a keen eye out for their sister, amber decided to go home!...oh but they were all so tired!..TOO tired to fly!

but never fear guys!...i contacted grampaw ron and begged him to send princess to fly that big canadian air plane back!...farewell, farewell, farewell, farewell, eh? american nieces....bon voyage!

they headed back to one of the greatest countries in the world!
they bought for their daddy a real fancy tie!

and for mrs. jim a beautiful basket of flowers
and as for adi?...why look at the happy smile on her face!
for sure and she was back in time to do the job that mr. jim gives to her every julu 4th...
maybe for mr. jim's birthday in october, i should invite the whole jim clan so that amber will not get homesick..amber has always been a bit spoiled but what is a person to do?........happy july 4th to the jims and god bless america!!

hey!!!..i am going to catch two birds with one stone...hahahaha..i am going to make this jim post a ruby tuesday!!


jel said...

they have there own passports ?

hope they have fun

haven't heard from grandpaw in a long time.

Terry said...

dear jel...he is on facebook...i rarely go to facebook, my sunshine but i will go there now and see what the guy is up to! terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
You are a thief mastermind. How well you have swapped,cut and glued the pictures together.
in my pre Alzheimer stadium I still remember the beautiful living rooms by the Texan golf course, and that's why you didn't fool me.
How did you achieve an American passport? Wow, from the Internet as well, I presume.

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful work for Ruby Tuesday! Just great!! :)

Jim said...

I love it, Terry! Thank you sooooo very much! Could you tell that these rascals all are getting a little bit old aged now? Adi will sleep very good after all that excitment.

Sorry I have to be the fifth commenter. It is even tomorrow now at your place. I had been meaning to go all day but it seems something else took its place.

Again, excellent! I was impressed that you could copy the passports. They won't copy here in the states.

Jada's Gigi said...

So creative!

Patti Hanan said...

Dear Terry, I am so glad to find your blog after you found mine. You asked if you could print out my post "He Collects Our Tears." I would be delighted if you did. I would like it to be a comfort to as many as possible. I love your sweet July 4th post. It really touched my heart. I love the animal passports! Our animals are dear to us, too. They are like family. I am your newest follower ;)

chubskulit said...


My Ruby Tuesday, please come and see.

clavs said...

happy 4th of july Aunt Terry!

Google Goog said...

Blog post a few make me entertained, any information here.

Susie Hovendick Chan said...

How fun. I know my Dad loved it even more than I did.

...And why don't we have to do that CAPTCHA image thing in order to post on your blog? Aren't afraid of terrorists?