Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This Is For You Mr. Jim

dear mr. are a good singer and you have blessed many people with your singing for their birthdays and anniversaries.
anyways this song is for YOU!!! terry

you can see this good singer and encouraging christian man and his wife mrs. jim and his doggies, adi and katrin and his two grand babies at...


Jim said...

Thank you, Terry.
You are soooooo nice.
Please let me sing in the choir.
One old man can't be all that bad

The saying I picked up when they made me stop singing, I will just wait and sing in Heaven suits me pretty good. I do sing in the car and when I'm alone. Even in the shower once in a while.

My Uncle Howard used to yoddel in the corn fields when he and I were hoeing weeds. No one else in the family even knew he could yoddel.

The lyrics are here (paste the link):
This wasn't the perfect day to send people over as my underwear is showing.
Of course it is in a basket and freshly washed.

Jim said...

I spelled "yodel" incorectly.
Sorry, Terry.

Mrs said...

I spelled "yodel" incorrectly.
Sorry, Terry.

Sue said...

Enjoyed this so much Terry, and of seeing all of the Homecoming friends. Thanks for the web site I will go and visit.