Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Wonder of God's Love

have a blessed lords day! terry


Diane said...

Beautiful song! Praying your Lord's Day is filled with blessings and joy!

Many hugs..........


Sue said...

No voice like George Beverly Shea, what a beautiful song!
I read your last post, and was so blessed by the loving hands that made the knitted socks. As I was looking at the photos of her hands, i wondered how many times she has done this and what she was thinking while knitting. I once made my dear Mother in Law an afghan, and the whole while I was making it I was praying, and also wondering if she would like it. LOL

Our weather has ben so nice,and I think we kind of got spoiled, but today it is very cold and rainy, and now that the fruit trees are blooming the weatherman is calling for frost warnings tonight, I guess we will get the old sheets out and cover them, and doing a lot of praying over them.
Enjoy your day,

Ady Xp said...

ok your vidios
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Tammi said...

Thinking of you, and now the wonder of it all---just to think that God loves me! <3
Big hugs!