Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ruby Tuesday New Year Beginnings and Mom Golden's Birthday


although dad golden was recovering from a fall after christmas, and even though he was resting in bed new years eve, mom golden and bernie and i heard him calling one minute to midnight.."come on in here! it is almost time to greet the new year!"
and so we went and so i took my camera to snap a picture of these two old love birds!"
oh poor old dad golden...surely hurting and yet surely game for a picture!

a few days later dad golden was well enough to go for a blood test...he had been very dizzy and so the doctor wanted to see what was the trouble...fortunately they found that he was taking too many blood pressure pills and so the doctor took them away...dad golden is feeling much better now...he goes shopping for mom golden and he even passed his drivers test last week..in canada you must do the written test at age 80 and then every two years after...dad golden is 84 and so he had to go!

"what's a person to do!" says mom golden.

for the first month..[january] mom golden had been living in her jammies!

every week number four child, gary comes to do mom and dad golden's laundry..he is a good boy..mom golden does not trust the way i do laundry!..it is NOT a pretty sight!

dad golden was very happy when one of the preachers came for a visit...and he wanted this picture...mom in her jammies and all!

this handsome fellow standing beside grampa golden is gary's son, jacob..it is so nice that the children have been coming over to visit gramma and grampa golden!

mom and dad golden even had visitors from japan come a visiting!..justin is gracey's boy and his girl friend is eskel...justin has lived in japan for about five years..he is tutoring japanese children, teaching them english.

one of dad golden's best friends, mr. fowler, a preacher came over several times to see mom and dad golden..here he is sitting with an open bible.

ross and gail's kids came to see gramma and grampa too and here is philip deep in conversation with his uncle bernie.

this is gail's third son..his name is daniel and he loves to study the design of buildings.

here ross is with the oldest son, curtis who is dressed perfectly for a ruby tuesday!

well mom golden feb 18 and it is your birthday!...here you are in the newspaper happy ads with your oldest grandchild, rachel!

oh what a beautiful skirt mom golden ,with it's splashes of red!

leona, who is a dear friend but also an important part of the golden family came over to see mom golden the day beore mom golden's birthday and...

she came bearing gifts, one of which is this lovely bouquet of roses sent over from a sweet sister from the church, rosanna.

dad golden is the king of the castle..here he is in his own chair presiding over the guests...on the big couch, sitting with mom golden is number five child, sandra who has come from toronto for the celebrating and our debbie sitting beside mom golden..it was such a treat to see deb again..it has been a couple of years!

debbie, mom golden, gracey and sandra making up for lost time..getting caught up with all that has been happening in the last two years.

now, sad to say this little darling took over the whole show when her daddy, eric and her mommy, marie came to see mom golden's on her special day!
she has the sweetest red slippers on her tiny feet!

...and it was the very first day that she sat on her own!
this is a prize of a picture!
i wonder if her mommy KNEW that i was going to finally post a ruby tuesday!...FINALLY!!!

daddy eric, giving olivia a piggy back ride and this little lady is fearless!

now these two girls who are dressed in ruby and red, are at last together!

great gramma golden trying to get a piece of the action.
"don't i have a turn to hold the little babe?"

oh! oh!..a fight breaks out over that darling child!....between gramma gracey and auntie debbie!

gramma gracey wins and this is such a great time for a picture...here are four generations...mama marie, gramma gracey, great gramma golden and olivia, herself!

mom golden just wants more attention so she decided to give us a model show of her new winter coat that she has just purchased...sandra had taken her on a shopping spree while gail kept dad golden company at home.

mom golden's sister aunt marion's girl, little marion came over to see mom golden and it was a real treat for mom golden to see her..it has been a year and a half since aunt marion went to heaven.

now little daniel is NOT a happy camper..his mommy amanda[grace's second daughter] tries to console him but the only thing that worked was an ice cream stick from great grampa golden's "full of cream" freezer!
what a cure-all is a lick or two of ice cream, eh?

gramma golden and amanda snuggle up.

here gail has dressed up nicely for ruby tuesday.
this nice looking guy is our olivia's daddy, eric.

betty has a cute red jacket on..she comes over sometimes to take dad golden's blood pressure..she and debbie are our family nurses.

gramma golden loves her grandson, darrell so much..he is sandra's boy.

well all of this excitement has been TOO much for the two grammas and so here they lay together trying to get a little rest'
dad golden is in bed!

...and so he will have to wait until tomorrow to see this picture that i took of his doves!

so happy birthday mom golden and please stay here for many more years...all of us kids and grand kids and great grand kids love you and we need both you and dad golden..
you are the greatest!......love betty[john],terry[bernie], teddy[lois], gary, sandra, gracey, gail[ross], karen , and debbie, your 23 grandchildren and your five great grandchildren.


Amrita said...

Hapy birthday Mom Golden. Lovely foto

Dimple said...

Hi Terry,
Please wish your mom a happy birthday from me!

susanwalkergirl said...

Happy Birthday Mom Golden and hello to your beautify daughter Terry.


Sue said...

What a sweet couple and such a sweet post. May I wish Mom Golden a very happy birthday wish, and may she have many more.
Beautiful family photos you have shared.

clavs said...

You have a loving family, happy birthday to your mom...

Your newest follower,

clavs said...

Dear Sister or can I call you Ate Terry? like the way I call my siblings because I am the youngest so I call every one of them Ate.Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I really appreciate it so much and everything you wrote there was so nice and I was so happy. I visited your other blogs: by his stripes, My Manitoba roots, A Niagara region garden, cooking with the scarf and traveling scarf. I love everything in there. It appears to me that you are a prayerful lady and that makes me more wanna like you because I am Christian and I Love GOD above all things in this world. It is so amazing that even though we are a million miles away and we knew each other through this bloggers world but it seems that we have known each other for too long already. Again Thank you for you time dropping a comment on my Blog. Keep in touch Ate Terry...

Becky said...

how sweet!

Jim said...

Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday Mom Golden!
Happy Birthday to you!

I know this is late since it was the 18th, but still, I wish you a late Happy Birthday Mom Golden! And I wanted a long wish song to match Terry's long blog this week. It was nice to see all your family too!

Terry, I see that a shopping trip finally got Mom G. out of her PJ's.

I am glad your minister makes house visits. So many don't anymore with all the busy things they have to do.

It's been a while, Terry. I think it was two posts I missed. We are in London visiting our grandchildren (KP & BP) and Karen and Billy.

For old times sake, Happy Ruby Tuesday. I am not in it though I do have some red for now.

Gerry Resmi Liyana said...

hy..., my name's Gerry, i'm from Indonesia, nice to meet you, dont forget to visit my blog at http://aaenc.co.cc

donna said...

I missed Mom Golden's Bday...Please give her a hug from me and tell her Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry I missed it.Love you.