Monday, June 28, 2010

Cheer Up Kathy!...It's Ruby Tuesday!

now kathy has a few great blogs and a person is not allowed to swipe any pictures from them without her especial permission, but what's a person to do when she sees a perfectly good photo for a ruby tuesday?!
all that kathy and her sweetheart, tim can do is sue me, eh?

anyways my dear friend, kathy is feeling a little blue and so i am putting this video in for her!
bernie and i both love you kathy!


reg said...

That is really cute there Terry. As always you put up the best. I had to smile a lot when I read and watched this.
As always

Felisol said...

My best wishes for Kathy.
I went over to her blog, and yes, she is feeling a little blue.
Good that you are able to put some red in everybody's life, dear Terry.

Jim said...

Terry, you do sooooo good at finding the Reds. This is a nice picture of Kathy and her Tim. It must have been a Valentines Day picture of sorts.

I am glad too that you and Bernie can get around so good. Take lots of pictures. We may have to meet in Iowa to share them all! ! ! ! :)

Happy RT! Thank you for your nice visit and extra nice comment. We will leave Karen's in the morning for Copenhagen. I may check in a bit and will probably post more than I comment until we get back.

♥ Kathy said...

You made me smile so big this morning ♥ YOU are totally allowed to swipe my picture anytime you want :) I love you Terry & Bernie *big hugs*

maryt/theteach said...

Terry, you are a dear friend to so many people! You lift our hearts, my friend! Thanks for posting for Ruby Tuesday! :)

Ann said...

Happy Canada Day.

Terry said...

thank you ann..i have been so lazy that i wasn't even going to put a canada post in but you gave me the get up and go to do it! terry