Monday, March 29, 2010

Visiting Mom And Dad Golden On The Evening Before Ruby Tuesday

this is dad golden in the summer of last year when our family from iowa was down..the pretty girl in the red CANADA sweater is his granddaughter, ashley who lives in iowa.
for the last four days dad golden has been in the hospital, very ill with pneumonia...he came home this morning where mom golden could keep an eye on him, but we felt that she surely needed some help! over we went over to their apartment this evening.
i didn't think i could possibly make a ruby tuesday because i was so exhausted!
but then i thought....


"well seeing as i am just sitting around and bernie and gracey are working on repairing mom golden's lap top, i may as well take a few pictures!"

here is a big pile of blue and red and black and ruby bibles. mom golden always has a lot of bibles around. these particular bibles are right beside dad golden's easy chair where he sits to read his newspaper and where he looks out the window to see his "dove tree".

mom golden has several book cases filled with family history...lots and lots of photo albums!

and lots and lots of more!!several are red and several are burgundy.. and several are pink!

bernie made mom golden a hot cup of tea and she sat and just talked and talked.
dad golden was sound a sleep like a little baby in the bedroom.

mom golden is such a beautiful and elegant woman and such a loving mother.

and by the time we left such a TIRED one!

i hope that it will be a happy ruby tuesday many people are praying for dad golden and i am so thankful for this...god bless you terry


akumangkok said...

Glad to hear that ur Dad Golden is back home. O yes, it was also great to see that u made a Ruby Tuesday post already!

Amrita said...

dearest Terry, inspite of all the tension and tiredness you are back at posting. Hugs to you. So happy Dad is back. I hope you don' t mind me calling him Dad like we would in India (our culture-out of respect) I showed Mama your photos and she was very happy to see them. Mom Golden reminds me so much of Aunt Sybil and my Grandma. I feel like I am looking at them.

My all those Bibles. This afternoon I also dug out some old family Bibles, moist of them in tatters, they were well used, praise God.

Your family is so beautiful.
In a short while I will go to the Christian Leprosy Mission Hospital with Pastor and family. Pastor is speaking at a Holy Week service there.

reg said...

Wow terry these are great pics of your family. Thanx ever so much for sharing these with us all. Your parents are looking great. I love the pic of your mom relaxing on the couch. It is such a homey picture, makes me want to have a snooze. But off to work I go instead!!!!!!!

reg said...

Man I have to get back to that Ruby Tuesday submissions. But I forget how to do it. I am not very computer smart at the best of times

♥ Kathy said...

Yay! Blogger is fixed! I had the worst time this morning when I was here the first time. System errors.

I hope that Dad Golden is doing better. I've been worrying. I hope you and Bernie are getting enough rest and that Mom Golden is too. I know how much it takes out of you to care for someone that is ill...especially someone you love. I like your pictures and hope you're having a nice Ruby Tuesday sweet Terry ♥ *Big Hugs*

Marice said...

lots of hugs from me to you Terry! hope your Dad will be back in good health really soon! you have such a wonderful and supportive family.

grandpaw said...

Hi There,

Just letting you know prayers from South Ga. are being offered for Dad Golden and the rest of Family !

grandpaw ron.

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Hoping and praying that Dad Golden is getting better.
Mom Golden look like a porcelain doll.
So elegant and fragile at the same time.
How I'd like to tuck a plaid over her at the sofa.Give your parents my best.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Terry, I too am sorry that Pop Golden had to be in the hospital.

But wasn't it such a blessing that he went! If he were a doctor surely he would be saying, "Physician, heal thyself." That is Luke 4:23.

He might be saying that anyway, check Wikipedia's interpretation of Jesus' saying.

You can count us down here in Texas amongst his prayer warriors. I thank our Wonderful Listening God that He does also.
Oh yes, you did good on the RT. I am sitting them out until after taxes and other "stuff."






PEA said...

Please know that my prayers are with Dad Golden. I'm glad he's back home now with his loved ones who will take good care of him:-) Mom Golden is indeed a beautiful lady and I always love seeing pictures of her. xoxo

Vicki said...

Love it when you share so many wonderful family photos. Give my love to Mom & Dad Golden. Still praying.

Richard's father passed right before Easter and funeral is on Tuesday...guess I'll post a short blog post tomorrow. Much to do & hugs, V.