Monday, February 08, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Valentines Day Five Days Early!

have a happy valentines day beloved teach mary t.
it is not valentines day yet, but when i visited great gramma golden this sunday,after sunday school, i wore my nice red shirt that told her how much i loved her and i wanted to wish her a happy valentines day.
i challenged her to a game after the nice dinner that grandpa had made.
"gramma...we will see who weighs the most."
"ok, i will go first!"
"that is right gramma,,,now you tell me how much i weigh.
don't tell anybody yet."
ok.."now it is YOUR turn.hahahaha!"
"oh boy, it sure looks like i know who is the winner."
"it is YOU gramma golden!
you weigh 96 pounds and i only weigh 51.
congratulations gramma!
i wonder why great auntie refused to play the game.?
after all, i think she would have been the winner for sure!"

although i was at great gramma and grampa golden's apartment this sunday and had fun, i know that gramma loves everyone of her grand and great grandchildren.
she is so good to us all and if she has a favourite, she has never told US!
that is why gramma golden, i wish for you a very happy valentines day.
you are the heart of our jordan..


luna miranda said...

so sweet!:P

Felisol said...

What a nice Valentine's card. That boy Jordan sure knows his way around. Steeling my heart as easy as that.
Mom Golden also likes to play along. I so appreciate her way of entertaining young and old.
She must be proud of all her descendants.
As should Dad olden.
He also deserves a heart.
Fom Felisol

Auntie E said...

Sure looks like a fun visit. happy Valentines Day to you.
My Ruby Link for you to visit

PEA said...

Such a heartwarming post!! I wouldn't have gotten on that scale either! LOL Mom Golden is such a precious soul and how blessed we would all be to have someone like her in our lives. xoxo

shopannies said...

how very sweet i think this post was very creative and a great read

Terry said...

dear felisol...if you look really carefully at the last picture, well there you will see great grampa golden with his arm around his great granddaughter, charlotte who is the daughter of his baby, karen!
for sure and he is the heart of the golden family too.
mom golden and dad golden are like that song, "two hearts that beat as one"!

luna miranda, i am glad that you liked this post, and auntie e, every sunday it is a fun visit at mom and dad goldens. quite often little jordan will come with his mommy and his own gramma grace after sunday school where we all enjoy the wonderful meals that dad golden cooks for us. after dinner, we will sit around and talk, and dad golden tells us about his own childhood.
pea..i just have to keep reminding myself that we are so fortunate to have mom and dad golden in our lives and try never to take it for granted. dad golden is 83 and mom golden will be 80 next week!
shopannies..thank you for your kind comment.....
love terry

Marice said...

awww what a sweet post Terry :) now i am missing my granma :(

u may view mine here

Jim said...

This is precious, Terry! I like the card a whole bunch too!

I think you and that grandson (which one is he?) are stinkers. I wouldn't play with you for sure!

Amrita said...

Terry your pictures and posts tell the most delightful stories. This one is so specieal.

Gramma looks fit and fine and the little fella too.

Happy Valentine Day to all of you.

donna said...

very fun :)

constance said...

Um scales for me! The grandkids can't keep a secret!
Love, Connie

Trish said...

Love this Miss Terry...what a blessing to have such a close family. And Dad Golden still cooking Sunday Dinner for you all is well...priceless.

Leora said...

Thank you for your sweet note on my blog.

How wonderful to have a great grandma in the family.

Rebecca said...

And a Happy Valentines Day to you guys as well. It is true...I have very full days and I am thankful for them!! Thank you for all your commnents on my blog...I am afraid I have not posted anywhere for the last few days as my life has been running along and I have been running along and enjoying it.....Today I am baking illegal cookies...of which I shall eat far too many.
Yes, the sun is shining here in Winnipeg today, it is extremely bright, and the weather is wonderful. Now if the snow will melt and we can get the horrid brown slushy messy season over with then all will be well. I will just be happy when it is secure enough to walk outside.......
Hope all is well and enjoy tomorrow