Monday, February 01, 2010

Ruby Tuesday Tree
driving through port colborne one sunny day this august, bernie and i and the little red car spotted this interesting house with a leafless tree in the back yard.
the trunk and branches were dried and gnarled.

bernie and the little red car dropped me off so that i could take a few pictures.... i started from the back you see the little red car as it waits patiently for me in the distance?

i made my way gradually to the side of the house, making sure i snapped a picture of the red pick up truck, and the red window planter.

the peaked ruby siding on the top sides of the house made for a nice ruby tuesday sight!

i wished that i could of walked down the red bricked side walk but i hadn't dared.
i was nervous as it was just taking pictures of this unique house, not knowing WHO was looking out of those shining windows!

finally i arrived to the front of the house and took this pleasant picture.... a pleasant one not only because of the quaint little house, with the old tree in the backyard raising its naked arms to the sky, but pleasant, indeed because of the canadian flag with its red maple leaf fluttering in the cool breeze!

i could not resist to take one more picture as i was about to get into the little red car...indeed some more red was picked up for this post...the red lights on the train track signal!

ps...we were just at the same place three weeks ago and alas!..the tree had been cut down....more than likely the city had seen a danger of the tree falling down in a bad storm and deemed it was a hazard.....the house sure lost a little of its character the day the tree left!

god bless you all this nice ruby tuesday! terry


Carletta said...

I loved the 'walk' with you. All the little points of red. When I saw the first photo I was so taken with the red pick up and the house and your car and then you walked to the side and I saw the flag. (I had missed the window box.)It just kept revolving.
Lovely Ruby post!

chubskulit said...

That corner house is an attraction.

Road Trip

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Being on excursions with you is always interesting. You manage to catch our attention to details and then keep our interest caught while you are exploring the theme in depth.
I so like to travel with you this way, learning to know Canada from the "floor".
Thans once more for sharing.
I feel a little sad for the tree though. I had such a sculptural effect.
If an artist (other than God) had made it, one would have set a high price on it and placed it in a public space.
From Felisol

Crown of Beauty said...

What a lovely post this is, dear Terry, with all those red portions of the house, the cars, the planter, and the lights.

Wishing you a lovely February...awaiting the arrival of Spring!


Marites said...

I really like that cute little house with red paint. it's too bad that the tree has been cut down. I wish they were able to save it. my RT is up too.

Marice said...

thanks for the drive around your neighborhood :) that house looks really interesting :) saw everything red :)

u may view mine here

Jim said...

Very interesting, Terry. This indeed is a nice shot for RT!
Happy RT (late). Thanks for checking in on me and the little bear.
Your walk reminded me of the time Mrs. Jim and I went to New Hampshire. I was showing her the old home in Manchester and was about to get out and take a picture.
Mrs. Jim didn't like that. Unlike Bernie she got out of the car and knocked on the door to tell the owners who and why.
Those were the nicest people, they had us come in and see the changes they had made. I had never met them although they were the people who had bought it from me forty years ago.

Amrita said...

Wow what a lovely house. Love the beautiful Canadian houses. Glad you don 't have snow in your place.

Mrs. Mac said...

You, that little red car, and that Bernie fellow sure do take your friends on some interesting jaunts around town. This is a charming home you have shared with us.